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Pablo Peres: "I can not play in the yard where I can die" – 11/26/2018

Pablo Perez is still affected by the traumatic events of the weekend. It was also he who took the root cause of the wild aggression of river fans against the bus that was shipped last Saturday to Boca al Monumental players. Two days later she is not recovering from the terrible moment.

He was one of the players who worsened it in Montreal's wild attack and ended up with a "chemical conjunctivitis with lower conjunctival erosion," and because controls on Saturday are taking place at the Otamendi Hospital. From there he was rude in his message.

"I can not go to the yard where I can die," shot Boca's captain at the exit of the Otamendi Samarion, where he made a new eye-view revision that was hurt by one of the broken shells for the shells.

The lesion in the right eye of Pablo Perez, published by Boca Jorge Batista's doctor.

The lesion in the right eye of Pablo Perez, published by Boca Jorge Batista's doctor.

"They threw stones, bottles, all people were packed together, there were minutes that I did not want anyone, they kept breaking the glass, it was not too far from the entrance to the stadium, it was very close," said Boca's captain.

But the player added an unpleasant detail: "When we started with the ambulance with (Gonzalo) Lamardo, we were once again stoned, it was not negligible what happened, as soon as we came back through the gate, they could hurt us again when we were there. too sad for the river because they smoke it is not good for anyone. "Unsatisfactory.

Pablo Peres and an ophthalmologist.

Pablo Peres and an ophthalmologist.

Still, in an irritated tone, Perez accused Conmbole: "If they look at me, nobody pays me." I have three daughters, my wife, my eldest daughter, when I arrived at my house, weeping that Connemole was a pity. in the hospital and told me I had to play with an irritated, swollen eye … I would have come in but could not play.

Although he did not want to comment on Boca's request ("I do not get involved and will not comment on this," he repeated), he gave a strong comment on the actions of Confederate doctors: "I do not know Conmebol's Doctor because he never he came to see me, he came in at some point and noted that he was able to play without checking me … the doctor did not come, he was never in solidarity with us, he had to have some order not to come he sees me in Otamendi. "

For that, even if there was room for solidarity among colleagues. "Nacho (Scott) and Milton (Casco) wrote to me, we became friends in Newell and we have a relationship, no one else has reported," Perez said.

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