Tuesday , June 15 2021

Palazzo, controversial: "There are not enough talented women" DiarioShow

"There are not enough talented women in the midst of Rock Koskin," he expressed Jose Palazzo, a producer of the musical event, and made a great strides in social networks and the Argentine music scene.

Your statement in the newspaper Andes was when he tried to explain the festival rule, indicating that there should be a 30% female presence at Aerodrome Santa María de Punilla. "I will have to finish it to meet this quota, but they will not be at the festival and I will have to leave other talents.– he said.

His words sparked hundreds of people in the social networks, and before the flood of criticism Palazzo clarified his words. He explained that what he was trying to say was that there were not many female groups to match the 30 percent needed at the festivals under Law No. 26.801 approved in 2018

He also said that the problem is related to artists, not because they are women. Finally, he confirmed that he has always talked about the number of musical groups, not women.

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