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Pan American Games: Rowing Adds Another Gold to Scandalous Definition – 08/10/2019


Although some of its members went through inconvenient hours due to intoxication that affected other delegations, the Argentine team of rowing this Saturday ended his participation in the Lima Pan-American Games, which fatten his crop: I have three other medals, one of which is gold,

The first one to climb the podium was Sweetheart Kingwho received the Medal of silver in the lightweight single skull test: At 7: 43.60, it was behind Kenya's Mexican lettuce and ahead of Cuban's Milena Venega.

Kralje, who is 36 to challenge his third Pan American (intervened in Guadalajara 2011 and Toronto 2015), added his second medal in Lima, as he won bronze in the double-double short pair with Oriana Ruiz on Thursday.

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Then it was the turn of Brian Rossowhich hung the bow on bronze in the single skull finally, with a record of 7: 08.37, behind Cuban Angel Fournier and Mexican Juan Carlos Cabrera on the Albufera de Medio Mundo.

Rosso, who is interfering in his second Pan-American Games (Toronto 2015), already added a silver medal on Friday to the quadruple test with his brother Christian, Ariel Suarez and Rodrigo Murillo.

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Closing the day was in competition with eight paddlers and the great joy came for Argentina: the boat occupied by Ivan Carino, Agustin Diaz, Francisco Esteras, Axel Haak, Thomas Herrera, Ariel Suarez, Joel Romero, Agustin Stena and Joel Infante He participated in a great comeback and won,

With a time of 5: 41.66, the Argentina team who He did not prevail in this test in the Pan-Americans after Winnipeg 1999, he overcame the Chilean boat in his last breath and beat him by only 50 cents. Third on the podium was Cuba.

The paddles had contributed over the previous two days four other medals: Gold in four without male helmsmen (Ivan Carino, Francisco Esteras, Axel Haak and Agustin Diaz) and in double short paddles (Christian Rosso and Rodrigo Murillo), silver in double light (Carlo Lauro and Alejandro Colomino) and bronze in two long (Agustín Díaz and Axel Haack).

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