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Pause in the federal alternative: Lavagna will not attend this lunch meeting

The single summit between the federal alternative and the consensus 19 is at stake, the power that Roberto Lavanja is driving, and where GEN and the sector of radicalism are converging. There are last-minute negotiations that could lead to the meeting falling due to differences between the former economy minister and the federal leadership leaders.

Before going to dinner on Tuesday with the founders of Alternativa Federal, the governor of Cordoba, Juan Shihereti met with Roberto Lavanja in which they discussed the agenda to be played this afternoon.

They talked about each item on the list and discussed which of them should be the most important within the meeting. The exchange came the modality of determining the candidates, a sensitive issue in the negotiations due to the differences that exist in the third way.

From the surroundings of the former Minister of Economy, they assured that Lavagna asked for the PASO debate to be postponed and placed first in order to conclude the agreement between Federal Alternative and Progressism,

Schiaretti took this idea at the table he shared with Sergio Massa, Juan Manuel Urtubuy and Miguel Picheto in the quintet of the former Tigre mayor. During the meeting, as explained in the Lavagna bunker, Massa was upset by the postponement of the discussion and questioned his presence today.

However, sources close to the leader of the Renador front, confirmed that the former minister had made it a consensual candidate and that the 4-year-old closed his "whims," ​​deciding to hold a meeting on Wednesday but without his presence and the main leaders of progressivity,

The morning is crossed by numerous versions and cross-talks that break the third power and examine the possibility of a great deal between Peronism, Socialism, the Gene, and the radicalism sector.

Although the possibility of a large meeting may resurface, so far two meetings will take place. One of the federal alternatives and the other of the progressive. In both sectors, we can not rule out that you can iron out the rough in the next few hours and get an agreement to sit at a table.

At noon there will be a meeting between Massa, Skireti, Urtubei, and the Dick. There will be a document ratifying the Federal Alternative membership. It is also mentioned in these hours that this document contains a call to other opposition forces to do a a great stepBut there Kirchnerism would not have been included.

Mass did not find a consensus to achieve internally with Kirchner, so the call would be directed to radicalism and socialism. Especially, but without naming them, UCR President Alfredo Cornejo, Deputy Martin Luto and Santa Fe, Miguel Liffsitz. Domestic with sector K is rejected.

PASO has always been an obstacle in the negotiations between Lavagna and the founders of Alternativa Federal. Transparent public messages raised tensions in relations to such an extent that the former minister decided, during a meeting with congress senators, to postpone the discussion of how to select candidates and work for the formation of the union. At the same meeting, the former minister confirmed his membership in the Federal Alternative.

The four founders of the federal scheme agreed, during the handful of meetings over the past six months, that PASO would be a way of settling political projects and applications. They did it, knowing that three of them had presidential aspirations and had to make a decision. This decision is supported by the governors and legislators who are part of the Federal Alternative.

This agreement was put under control when the former Economy Minister came to the scene and assured him that he would be the only candidate with consensus and that he would work to reach a big deal. Negotiations have never advanced on this issue.

From the food they shared last night at Tigre Juan Shihereti, Juan Manuel Urtubay, Miguel Picheto and host of Sergio Massa, the confirmation of the course arose. The four founders of the Federal Alternative have ratified the maintenance of a force created far from the brickwork and the strengthening of space to compete in national elections.

There are coincidences on the way they want to follow, the way candidates are selected and the identity they intend to give to the federal scheme to compete with Mauriceio Macri and Christina Kirchner.

The four support the will to link progressivity to a wider space and to strengthen the third way. An obstacle they find is that both Miguel Liffsc as Margarita Stolbiser, Leaders of Progressivity, support Lavanne's candidacy and are in the space created to support his candidacy.

The conclave last night also gave confidence in Sergio Massa's future. The head of the renovating front remains in the Federal Alternative and is ready to compete internally with other space candidates.

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