Sunday , June 20 2021

Pensions and universal child support increased by 11.8% in March and by 10.8% in June

The next month is increasing 11.83% on pensions and pension for a child, while in June they will raise another 10.8% as expected

It is expected that by accumulating the two increases, 23.9% the improvement is higher than inflation in the first quarter and thus recovers at least eight points above 19 loss last year due to rising prices relative to the increases granted.

From these promotions, the minimum credit, which is currently $ 9309,10, will increase to% $ 10,410 in March and a $ 11,534 in June Similarly, the ASA will have a value of $ 1810 in December and $ 2030 in March.

The rate of increase is due to data from the Average Taxable Stable Workers' Ratio (RIPI) and fourth-quarter inflation rate in 2018.

The mobility formula determines the variation of the National Consumer Price Index by 70% and RIPTE by 30%. According to official data, salaries of officials from the official economy lost 15.1% in September against prices,

According to data from last year, pensions and other social benefits rose 28.46% to 47.6% of inflation, the highest since 1991. With an increase of 11.83% in March and 10.8% in June, retirement will gain an increase of 23.9%.

Quarterly increase in pensions with the new mobility formula (Source: Eco Go consultant).
Quarterly increases in pensions with the new mobility formula (Source: Eco Go consultant).

According to market research (REM) conducted by the Central Bank by private consultants, inflation should be reduced in the coming months. In this way, the beneficiaries will recover part of the purchasing power they lost last year.

According to data from the National Social Insurance Office (ANSES), some 6.9 million receive pensions and pensions, 1.7 million free and universal pensions for adults, and around 9.2 million receive child allowances.

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