Sunday , August 1 2021

Peronism shows united firepower and releases macrista strategy

The performance of the conglomerate Peronist in Deputy is fulminant: winning the match that some references from oficialismo did not register on their screens and made him lose room for Change at the Magistrature Board. In addition to the practical effects in the organism, the movement led by Kirchnerism and the Sergio Massa bloc projected a potentially larger political wave. Defeat the Macrista, without a doubt. Y battles that anticipate election disputes, too. The coming days will tell how far the Peronist unit arrived, after victory was enjoyed especially in the circle of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. That was a postcard yesterday.

This rearrangement seems to be a page immediately after Budget approval. It makes sense to assume that these sanctions – that is, the coronation of the project after long and tiring negotiations – stated The last substantive political agreement before entering the election year. Just hours after the vote in the Senate, the appointment of a Congress representative at the Administrative Council will show that the prognosis is not favorable.

The first reading, without considering other factors, describes a a quick blow to the government after achieving legislative success considered central after the agreement with the IMF and a strong adjustment commitment from the deficit. Rejection of the Budget has undoubtedly been devastating not only because of market reactions that can be imagined, but also because of its foundation in fragile economic and social situations.

Also analyzed in the same way, as the game is limited to the political council, the most obvious success in the Deputy is for two.
Massismo managed to land on the Magistrature Board for the first time. And he did it with a strong figure: Graciela Camaño, who was in the head of the bloc was one of the main drivers of the toughest position against the government.

Kirchnerism also celebrates. It was the revenge of the last defeat by Budget: he managed to show himself like the head of the game and in addition gave another signal of affirmation from Caimora like the essence of one of the former armed presidents. At the place of Rodolfo Tailhade, it will occupy the seat of Eduardo "Wado" from Pedro: he changes the battle section for exceptional operators and references from the organization.

Federal PJ, which was involved in domestic tensions, was eventually accompanied and abandoned by substitution. Actually, the discussions were carried out in the Senate, where the distribution of what he did to the Government did not change. Miguel Angel Pichetto, after containing more emigration, at least at this time, will return to the Council, the result of negotiations covering the Santiago block. He will be accompanied by Ada del Valle Itúrrez. UCR will store boxes, just like PRO for deputies.

Known resolution in the Senate, the hope of officialism was included in other cameras. There, he finally lost his place in the cast. On the judicial wing the Government believes that Kirchnerist attacks will not succeed. They don't measure, or are late, signal massism and then support from most PJs is more or less in harmony with the governors.

That is another important fact: provincial leaders from PJ are secretly or actively accompanying convergence in the Peronist islands. One version shows that an order from Mauricio Macri to Juan Schiaretti failed. Others say that management is responsible for an official. However, Governor Cordovan finally supported the operation which caused Cambiemos to become a minority.

From a practical point of view, it is very difficult for the Board to have the opportunity to resolve a more congested problem, first the activation of a mechanism for dismissal of judges. It requires a special majority, two thirds, which cannot be reached by anyone. In political means and close to Justice, that single data is considered as message of assistance to several federal judges. This will be seen, beyond this election stage.

Change in political climate? Yesterday's signal was significant, especially if the painting contrasts with the last sound in Congress. The budget has collected 138 favorable votes in the Deputy, thirty more than what the ruling party met as an interblock. And in the Senate, he registered 45, a number put together by Cambiosos with a contribution of fifteen Peronist legislators and half a dozen provinces.

Questions that are more difficult to answer allude to impacts outside the formal limits of policy. It is difficult to know what is social interest and how the process. Of course, the electoral path has just begun. The idea of ​​pure and limited fighting Peronism that is united with the Government does not seduce as the definitive strategy of all Peronism. Kirchnerism and several allies tracked the line. The governors, in general, laid out their first goal to guarantee their territory, and then to build a national space. Massa continued by saying that the former president did not enter this cloth.

All in all, yesterday's image at Deputy was that of a public meeting for imposes political defeat on Macri. The first response from the ruling party was more than careful. The influence of political miscalculation? Blame distribution, especially in the field of judicial operators?

Strictly speaking, a number of unanswered questions before swallowing were bad by the Board of Magistracy. It is well known that there are questions – until now – that already exist the strategy of exclusive confrontation with the former president.

Peronism is far from resolving its dispute. No one will ensure that yesterday's signal was the beginning of unity, which might never have happened. But it reaches to show the power of fire at all. It is a fact that the ruling party can register at this time, after the commitment stage with the governor. They show that lines can be crossed.

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