Sunday , May 16 2021

Peter Alfonso, for the first time, talks about Antonio Gasala's "sit-in". |

The news that Peter Alfonso and Antonio Gasalla were going to make a show together during the summer season of Carlos Paz continued very little. This is announced with huge fans and a funny video. Gallalla slammed the door and walked away. After meditation, Alfonso and his wife, Paula Chavez, spoke of this situation.

The program trusted offenders: "Fortunately this was a short romance, I personally feel sorry that I can not fulfill a dream"This is Antonio when the work was being proposed, the first thing that was said was the book and he was very happy," Pedro said.

Paula explained: "Pedro had more meetings, I did not even get together, but I felt that things were over, there was no anger."

And how were things between them? "The relationship is good, he continues to talk with the production, I hope we can do something in the future," concluded Pedro.

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