Sunday , June 13 2021

Players are mocking about the new collection of Fallout 76

One of the disputes about the launch of Google Fallout 76 was the quality of his Power Armor Edition. In case you do not remember, the package includes a bag that does not meet the expectations of the players because it is made with low quality material.

While Bethesda offered a solution to the problem, fans did not have the mercy of seeing new collector inspiration Fallout 76This is a blue jacket with part of the game logo. The company presented it a few days ago on the Twitter account of the franchise.

The collector will be sold in return for $ 276 USD as they will be made of leather and will have high quality fabrics. Players reacted instantly and recalled the Power Armor Edition case, so they answered with ironic publications that questioned the quality of the jacket and its materials. Below I leave some posts to your fans:

Although this situation does not provide direct information on the current state of the online game, it shows the impact of the various problems presented during the launch. Given some recent rumors, Bethesda has confirmed that the title will not become free.

Fortunately, Bethesda is already working on new content and will soon have the modality for hardcore players. On the other hand, part of the community takes advantage of the title to organize special events, such as several players who celebrate their wedding in it.

Fallout 76 It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Find all the news related to it in this connection.


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