Monday , July 26 2021

Plugger's strong criticism of Intratables driving

As America seeks to replace Santiago del Moro with Intratables, Deborah Plagger has expressed her desire to take over the cycle, although she has made it clear that her dream can not come true because the channel wants a man. Type Alert discrimination based on sex,

I would like to lead instances, but they want a man

The journalist said, "I would like to do it, but I understand the channel is in line with the" soul physics ", looking for someone in a jacket and a tie." "This is a very difficult program to drive. He must be a journalist driver who allows guests and participants to shine, "he added.

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The journalist career of Debora plager

I work at Radio Rivadavia. After a while, he started to work on the news Channel 9during Daniel Haddad and which he will accompany in his next projects: C5N and Radio 10.4 5 At present he works as a participant in the Intratables program for América TV.

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That same year, he appeared in the list of government-related journalists who took advantage of Vice President Gabriela Miechet, who spread 30 days 3.1 million pesos under the Senate publicity label provided by direct negotiation and avoiding all official controls, the list was included among the other beneficiaries considered to be pro-governmental journalists by Monica Gutierrez, Louis Novarezio, Maria O'Donnell and Carlos Paggini, Facundo Pastor, Luis Majjul, Santo Biasati, Pablo Rossi, Joaquin Morales Sola, Nicholas Dujinov, Jorge Lanata and others. After the case, Gabriela Miechetti was convicted of irregularities in the distribution official management from the Senate and breach of official duties.8


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