Tuesday , January 19 2021

Pray for the Hawaiian nuns' butterflies who are holding the snakes to stab their nose

You may think about life on Hawaiian Monk printing will be pretty easy. She leaves on the beach, swims in some crystal water, eats some fish – quite idyllic, is not it?

Wrong. If you were a Hawaiian monk seal, you would have to fight THAT: get a god damned EEL, glued to your Lord Lord Damn.

Look at this seal. Have you ever seen a person who says "I guess this is my life now lol– More than that stupid face of the stupid stamp? Honestly, although I am not a seal and I do not have an eel that has accumulated a school today, I can really sympathize.

The photo comes with the courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration& # 39; s Research by Hawaiian nuns program. They publish the extremely relevant image on them Facebook where he received more than 1,000 shares and comments from all who asked the same question: what the hell happened here?

To which NOAA actually said:I do not know. "

Obviously, research organizations have begun to see the eel phenomenon in the last few years, although they have researched seals for more than four decades.

They told the media they did not really know what caused the surge in eel related incidents.

We do not know whether this is just a strange statistical anomaly or something that we will see more in the future.

Fortunately, all the gaskets they have noticed have been successfully removed.

All the stamps we encountered in this slippery situation were quickly caught by our reaction teams, and the eel was carefully and successfully removed. All seals were released and showed no problems with the incidents.

Which raises the question: seals eject eels like … fun? Maybe they like to be treated by the researchers. Perhaps the eels are separating some water analogue from the nose-beer. Maybe seals are just dry fools. Whatever happens, the internet bastard loves him.

Back up, crazy diamonds to seal eels. Never stop doing what you love: throwing eels.


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