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Prince William reveals the difficult psychological problems he is going through

January 25, 2019

Excitedly, Lady Di's son publicly takes into account the mental disorders he overcomes day by day.


Guest on World Economic Forum which is celebrated in Davos, Prince William engages in various talks about the environmental challenges facing the world. In the middle of a conversation, Spouse 's husband Kate Middleton He mentioned the mental problems that people suffer. While remembering an emotional speech, the queen's grandson Isabelle II He explained that he now has and suffers from psychological problems like as a result of his work as an air pilot,

As is well known, the future King of Britain has been involved a few years ago in what he was Air ambulance in East Anglia. "I still find it very difficult to talk about it. This is something I am very excited about because it is closely related to my children and it is very difficult to talk about it.William started.

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Then, the eldest son of Lady Di He stated that he had decided to tell his problems. "I could hide myself a little under my armor, thinking," I can handle it myself. " But then, later, the problem would be in a much worse way ""he explained.

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In this way, Harry's brother stressed the importance of asking for help in the event of such suffering. "I know if I had not made the decision made at that time, I would definitely have gone down a slippery slope, and would have been dealing with a mental illness at a completely different level., the Duke of Cambridge concluded.

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Added to this, in recent days, his wife confident in a conversation with charity volunteers Family activity that her motherhood has several difficulties. – It is very difficult. You have a lot of support with the baby, especially in the early days, but in one year the help disappears ", Kate counted.

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