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PRO closes the year with the dilemma of Christina's vices and preferences for 2019

The meeting comes after ten days when he met the PRO table, which started out in 2019, with a thick line and, in some cases, a fine of the candidates' scheme in the different territories. As a first definition it was confirmed that in the areas where the government is a government, like the case of Larreta in Ciudad, Vidal in Provincia and Gerardo Morales in Jajui, they will be the ones with the last word. In contrast, when the PRO is not a government, the game will be open to competition. Accordingly, in La Pampa former sports secretary, Javier Colorado McAllister, will have to establish itself internally with a radical candidate for governor of Cambayos.

The dynamics of the Council will be similar to all the meetings of the parties, but since it is the last in 2018, the message that will come down from the most prominent figures of the PRO is particularly important. Thus, on the order of the day, the opening in the Omb Hall of Park Norte will be opened Umberto Shyvoni, Chairman of the National Board of Directors and Horatio Rodriguez Larreta, president of PRO in the city. Then it will be in turn Maria Evgenia Vidal, governor of Buenos Aires province, who is the head of the party in its region, but also is a PRO leader with a better image in the middle of the crisis that broke out in May with the exchange rate.

The party meeting will also provide a context for the meeting of women in the UN, including Ministries of Health and Social Development, Carolina Stanley and Patricia Barchic, as well as Vice President Gabriella Mikey. Then in The National Assembly will discuss the women's quota in the party's organizational scheme as well as the limitation of organic mandates.

Under the title "Reflections on the Perspectives for 2019" to be shared by the Head of the Cabinet, Marcos Penya, and the Minister of the Interior, Rogelio Frigerio, will undoubtedly be the one that attracts the most attention. "It is clear that we are thinking about next year, the idea is to listen to what Marcos will offer as guidelines for the election year," says a senior leader of the PRO. This is for all the men of Campbom's embryo party, re-election is a goal that can not be dismissed as inevitable.

The panels will be finished with internal and organic vision and looking at the prospects with the words of the Secretary General of the Pro, Francisco Quintana, as well as the Chief Prosecutor, Juan Ignacio Macquarie, as well as the Ministers of Production and Labor, Dante Sika, and Transport, Guillermo Dietrich, respectively. The maximum references will highlight the achievements and goals of the transformation that the party has. While the look will be introspective, PRO leaders do not deny that they remain cautious about how the opposition candidates are defined.

"There is a relative consensus that while Christina is a candidate, this is a good scenario for the government," she says, if she is taken away by a territorial leader. And this is one of the most disturbing crossroads for 2019. With this economic situation, which the government expects to show green shoots by March, the political issue will play a central role in the campaign. For some members of the Prosecutor's Office to see the former president will be a summon, but for others with a MacAlvelan strategy, Christina's candidacy presents an antagonism that improves the virtues of Change, above all they care about ethics and transparency in governance.

"It is clear that the PRO bet is aimed at winning the three reelection with Mauritius in the nation, Maria Eugenia in the province and Horatio in the city," said the yellow army member. That is why one of the first definitions of the campaign is to work "very hard" in the Buenos Aires region where "the crisis is worst hit". Inside the province the speech will be different, because there we are changing, there is a better image.


Although it will not be a topic to discuss in a protocol way, in Norte Park will overcome one of the internal dilemmas experienced in these hours in the PRO: who will be the deputy of Mauricio, Maria Eugenia and Horacio. This is where you face two positions: purists vs. Outsider. That is right the Ecuadorian strategist Jaime Durán Barba maintains as a dogma that there is no need to change what has so far yielded results, but others advise that the addition of a peronist, not necessarily as a deputy, may help to strengthen Cambiemos. "It is important to have a larger coalition born of the same election, to give people a message that we have a wider view", explains one of the leaders who are trying to join some Peronists.

This dilemma is what Maurizio Makri made four years ago, until February 28, 2015, he decides for DNA of the PRO and anointed Mary Eugenia Vidal as his candidate for governor over other names that were not purely yellow, A move that will eventually give the PRO to the electoral volume to beat Kirchner.

What they clearly have in the PRO is that people are living with too much concern to hear and support an election campaign based on constant criticism of the contestants. "The spirit of the campaign will be to talk about the future and the transformation, always with proximity and positivity, not with a campaign we talk badly about," they explain in the ruling party, following another Duran Barba everyone seems convinced, although, of course, there will be what we can see after the election campaign is selected, how the campaign unfolds.


With the sponsorship of Marcos Penya, this year La Generación, the youth wing PRO, has stepped up the deployment of the political leadership school across national territory. In fact, this year there are 11 seats working in different provinces to train leaders who "can renew politics," they explain in the group.

The generation is politically supported by Peña, but with leadership leadership is the addition of sub40 leaders very close to Vidal and Rodriguez Larreta. The president of the group is Martin Yeasa, a deputy of Pinamar, who is accompanied by, among other things by Juan Gauland, General Co – ordinator of the Ministry of Modernization of the Nation Juan Ignacio Macquarie, president of the Buenos Aires government housing institute.

For the young PRO, the 2019 tasks will be to strengthen schools to win more leaders and territorialities while supporting La Generación members' candidacies. "We believe that the greatest means of transformation is in the management of the territory through the intentions of"they claim.

To give some examples, they will support Ezeza himself to pick Pinamar again, and Ezequiel Galli to do the same in Olavarría. They will also support Lucas Delfino, Deputy Director General of the Nation's Municipal Relations, to compete for Herlingham's intention, Laura Apriley in Tres Arroyos and Martin Mcquire-Hermano de Juan Ignacio in General Pico, La Pampa.

In generations, they swear that the struggle does not obscure them for taking positions on the lists because they do not want to become a "group like La Campora." In the Penya-led group, we believe that surely the 2019 elections will be the time to consolidate and gain intentions, to put our own staff on the lists of councilors and provincial lawmakers. "Then it will be time to continue to grow as leaders to guide and consolidate changes in Argentina," they say.

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