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Pro started its campaign with the illusion of economic rebound in 2019 – 12/10/2018

"When we take the bell, we do not know whether a neighbor or a bulldog will come out,

The rude man, Alfredo De Angeli, shook winter climate from the top of the PRO. Entreriano asked for the microphone Markos Penya had offered and reproduced the discomfort of those who "did not get the change."

on bulldog, they are in their main metaphor angry with change, those who, like Jorge, known by her who had a sawmill, heard a promise from Morrisio Macri, but had just gone bankrupt.

Entreriano, coming out of the 125's, was the coarsest voice in the UN Convention, which reviewed the three years of government and deployed speech elections with promises of economic rebound and cultural conviction.

"The difference in this difficult year was never to stop the bell ringing," said Penya and hit the idea of ​​a "conversation," where the protagonist should be a neighbor not a leader.

"You do not have to go crazy: there is plenty to show and many things you have to do in the next four years" the head of staff pointed out in a "lesson" for provincial delegates.

Listen to the other, convey your belief and repeat the idea of ​​change and above all about the right way, For the campaign he intrigued: What we did in 2015 and 2017 is not enough for 2019, he warned.

"It is up to us to reaffirm the convinced and to persuade those who doubt or get angry," he said, and seemed to reproach De Angeli when he asked to study to find out "why things go wrong."

Excursions by Humberto Schiavoni, Gabriela Michetti and Patricia Bullrich, Penya made the complaints – there were other, more diplomatic ones – and prisons: "People will recognize us and in the next ten we will create a virtuous circle."

Before and after Guillermo Dietrich and Dante Sica spoke: the first detailed "achievements" of the last three years; the second one it predicts for 2019 the economic benefits demanded by De Angeli.

For the summit, the makrism gathered – between coffee, pastries and fruit salad – in the Araucaria room of Park Norte, a commercial guild complex that controlled more than three decades ago Armado Cavalieri.

Without naming it, Sika and Burych speak of the "Gypsies." The Minister regretted that the labor reform was failing and a "second mandate" of Makri was envisaged – a project in which The ILO will rule as an arbitrator,

"The guild with 1.2 million workers, aged 35 years, is ruled by a 84-year-old woman," Sica quoted him as saying. Buric talks about businessmen who negotiate with guilds because they "always define".

The minister was a magnet the peasants, less demanded by Maria Evgenia Vidal, who was in the opening with Horatio Rodriguez Larreta. He recently merged with PRO and climbed to the central figure.

It was the bravest. He talks about the "Mojo of Life" in terms of entrepreneurs and unions who do not want a change, and said that for the first time, "a government without mafia features will cease its mandate."

He pointed to the Kirchner dynasty: he said they wanted to take over Nestor, Christina, Nydor, Maximus and Florence, and that when they left power, Kirchnism stirred the ghost of the helicopter. He did one revelation: "At one point, we had a certain fear of a crisis situation that we went through, but we came back."

Mihtiti was responsible for the latest message: he said the Makri government was the best because "I'm in the state since 1988" and predicted that in 2019 "we will be on the road to good performance and growth,

The profile restricted the re-election of party authorities and included gender equality in a day full of female voices: Vidal with the justification of the leadership of Buenos Aires, the Michetes, and Bouric, and, incidentally, Carmen Poledo, who demanded Morrisio 2019.

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