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Protest and fire stations in the prison of Devo – 26.02.09

A group of prisoners from Devoto's prison started tonight on Monday a series of complaints and fires in some sectors of the enterprise.

Fire in the prison of Devon. (Photo: Mario Says)

Fire in the prison of Devon. (Photo: Mario Says)

One of the prisoners' complaints relates to an amendment to the law 24660 (the law on the enforcement of the imprisonment sentence). They also expressed their disagreement transfer to Marcos Pass prisona measure that was approved by an agreement between the Buenos Aires government and the Ministry of Justice of the nation.

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Sources from the Federal Prison Service informed him hunting horn that this is not a rebellion, a a Batukada,

Various fire services were on the site, and the city police surrounded the perimeter. There are no injuries registered.

Fire in the prison of Devon. (Photo: Mario Says)

Fire in the prison of Devon. (Photo: Mario Says)

Through social networks, video clips were broadcast, screaming and burning flames in the only functioning prison in the city.

On 12 March last year the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horaceo Rodriguez Lareta; Justice Minister German Garovano and State Administration President Ramon Lanus signed a framework agreement to renounce the Devotion Fencing Complex. In June, it was approved by the legislature in Buenos Aires to distribute this property to real estate companies.

The Department of Urban Planning has announced the auction for the construction of a Marcos Pasas center in Buenos Aires, which will have 2,240 seats. There will be more than 1,900 prisoners who are currently serving their sentences in Devon.

The new center will be located on a plot of 120 hectares and will be next to the existing federal prison complex. The transfer will take between two and three months and will end in September 2020.

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