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Pumas again played badly and fell with Scotland – 24/11/2018

After the fourth consecutive defeat and in the middle of the very difficult time for the team due to the death of Marcos Kremer's girlfriend, Sophie Posi, today at 11.30 am (ESPN 2 broadcasts), Los Pumas seeks a restoration in the mythical Murrayfield vs. Scotland,

The campus survived a week of deep sadness. After Kremer left the tour two days before the duel against Ireland (he knew that because of his urgency to return to the country, the Irish Rugby Union sent him to look for the training of the patrol car, then went through the hotel and went straight to the airport) Guido Petti, a regular second line, shaped like a wing in a tactical decision that even confused Joe Schmidt, the coach of New Zealand in Ireland.

Peti's performance kept him in the second match against France. But today he returned to his usual position and Rodrigo Bruni joined Matthias Alemano to play in the third row. The other modification of Pumas was Matías Moroni's Matías Orlando.

Scotland is advancing at a high speed through a penalty by Gray Leedello in 2 minutes; he had not even armed with the game. Although with the first incidents the tonic would be favorable to Europeans, a quick push of some Cougars who have made some mistakes in handling and have found no fluency in the attack. To make it worse, Nicolas Sanchez, in one of the first Argentine approaches to the Scottish territory, failed to punish almost in front of the clubs.

Hugh Jones avoided Mathias Orlando's experience with only one of the few chances Argentina had to support for the Scottish incarnation. (AP).

Hugh Jones avoided Mathias Orlando's experience with only one of the few chances Argentina had to support for the Scottish incarnation. (AP).

Argentina, however, grows and takes over at least the territorial domain, but without disturbing its rival away from it. But he began to see better horizons for those of Mario Leedsma. What was missing was to capture him on the board, and only in the 28th minute in the third kick (after Sánchez unsuccessfully attempted Boffelli), the opening of the Puma achieved a tie with punishment.

Although the board's parity will continue to sigh. Participation, attack and goodbye. Penalty for the local and 6-3 at the foot of Laidlaw at the end of the first half.

The little one that moved the score for almost half an hour changed radically because after the two penalties ended in the first half within five minutes, the 6-6 product came in another shot after a 10-man Argentine defeat.

From 15 minutes onwards – and after another Sanchez failure on sticks, Scotland returned to control the action and she moved away from Laidlaw's hand that she wrote first with her leg and soon she served a great action to change the level of attack, who walked past the center and took the ball to the blind side with which almost no opposition Shaun Mathiland arrived. The owner of the house retreated 14-6, while the opening of the albicacetes continued to contradict the kicks.

The final concession left the shots of the Argentineans who tried to try twice, but returned to bring the cherry at the most inappropriate moment. Scotland won a victory without doing much more and seized doubts about the future of the Pumas who will close the tour when they face the barbarians.

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