Saturday , May 8 2021

Rappi prepares his digital wallet

The delivery platform aims to transform the interaction with its customers and not rely exclusively on its delivery service

With controversy, but steadily growing, Rappi is staying in Argentina and the region. now, the delivery platform strives to take a step forward to consolidate its business: launching its own virtual wallet to be able to pay with QR codes in physical stores.

As El Kronista confirmed, the company will release Rappi Pay in December. This digital pay service will work similarly to Mercado Pago, an already-numbered instrument that works in more than 200,000 stores across the country.

"We already have store partnerships where you can make payments through RappiPay," confirmed by the company. In addition, the company opens its first subsidiary on the national territory and is RappiPay Argentina as a joint-stock company.

With operations in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Brazil, the expansion of this instrument makes it an important regional player. For now, Uruguay is the only Latin American market that does not have this tool.

The company's business consists in charging a commission for each purchase that offers diversification of the company's income, so far dependent on supply relationships.

Similar to Mercado Pago, Rappi Pay will allow you to balance your account balance and use these virtual money to pay in stores. You can also use connected debit cards and third party tools.

In Colombia, the minimum transactions per application are 1000 Colombian peso (approximately US $ 11) and a maximum of two million Colombian pesos (almost $ 23,000).

Although Rappi is looking for new horizons, the company refuses to land in the financial field: "This is not in our plans." The initiative is a great challenge, aiming to provide added value to consumers and institutions in the cities we work in but to support our business. "

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