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Reasons to Upgrade to Windows May 10, 2019 Update

Windows 10 will receive the update in the next two weeks Updated May 2019This new version will bring improvements, and Microsoft expects that there will be no mistakes after thorough testing for more than a month. So let's talk about reasons for updating to this new version, at the same time that our companions of SoftZone have given us Reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 Update, also known as 1903 or 19H1,

Latest Features of Windows 10

The renovation of May 2019 will introduce a large number improvements in Windows 10, and this will not happen until May next year when we get this big amount of news again as Microsoft will release something more similar to Windows XP service packs in the second half of the year than the canonical update.

Among the improvements we expect to see, we find greater control over installing updates in Windows 10, a clear white theme, unlike the dark one, Sandbox running programs isolated from the rest of the operating system through virtualization (ideally for running a program that we suspect it may be malware), a tidy start menu, or the operating system allows you to search every file on your computer directly from the start menu.

windows 10 May 2019 updated light theme

The security level will also introduce the ability to access Windows 10 without a password, where we will instead receive an SMS security code on our mobile phone. For games, the gaming bar will become much fuller, with Spotify integration or graphics to know the performance of our PC.

Another very important reason for change is if you are a photographer and you should see the thumbnails of your photos in File Explorer. With this new version of Windows, we can use the extension Microsoft released in its store a few months ago called the Raw Image Extension. Personally, only this feature will be sufficient to update.

These are some of the dozens new features to be included in the May 2019 update.In the coming days, when Microsoft releases it, we will look at all the news that the company announces, as there are some that are not yet known.

The May 2019 update will have more protection for a longer time

Microsoft offers official support to Microsoft updates for each version of Windows 10 for a year and a half after it's released. We did not get an update after that time. For example, last April, version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) stopped receiving security updates. The next update will be in April 2018 in November this year. Microsoft does this to encourage users to update the latest version of the system, saving support for those earlier versions.

Wait a few weeks

While getting the latest system news and a safer operating system for a long time are improvements that make us want to update, we recommend that you wait a few weeks to do so. In fact, do not give it a manual updateand wait for Microsoft to confirm that there are no problems that can even delete your files, as happened with the October 2018 update.

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