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Reasons why you should not use your mobile phone in the bathroom

Caracas, December 12, 2018.- Using a mobile phone in any place could affect our health and put life at risk. Especially if we use it in the bathroom.

Here are two reasons to think twice before taking your mobile phone to this place:

Risk of electric shock

There are many cases of people who have been tortured by connecting the mobile phone to the bathroom and accidentally the phone falls into the toilet, bathtub or shower, causing a shock that sometimes causes death.

Water is a conductor of electricity, so any electrical device that comes in contact can cause this type of fault.

At the risk of an electric shock, we add that using the phone in the bathroom increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

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According to specialized media, one of the reasons for hemorrhoids is to stay seated for long periods of time in the bathroom. Which means you are not recommended to sign in with your phone, as it may lead to worsening of hemorrhoids and symptoms such as pain, itching, swelling or bleeding.

Finally, the bacteria found in the bathroom can pollute your cell phone, you do not have to miss the toilet. Your mobile phone may have faecal matter and thus cause illness or gastrointestinal infections.

According to a study on the use of mobile phones, 75% use the mobile phone in the bathroom, but if you want to take care of your health, it is better to habit or habit to put it aside.

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