Saturday , January 23 2021

Recession effect: Calculate that two out of three Argentinians will spend less on Christmas gifts

The devaluation of the peso and the subsequent increase in inflation in 2018 led to a significant withdrawal of the economy. In this context, a private study analyzes how the recession will affect holiday gifts and concludes that this is so Two out of every three Argentinians have planned reduce the cost of Christmas gifts.

According to the Kantar TNS consultant, 95% of Argentina celebrates Christmas, 15% celebrate it without gifts, and the remaining 80% give gifts, 66% will reduce costs by applying different options, "It is imperative, as a strategy, to buy a smaller amount of gifts at a lower price," he said.

The report says 84% ​​will buy cheaper gifts while others choose gifts only for the closest relatives or small ones. Some people organize their purchases to find a promotion or offer or try to share costs with their family or friends.

"The current situation makes it a strategy to buy fewer gifts and at a lower price," analysts Kantar TNS account manager Thomas Weitz, according to Argentine news.

The report says that "the most selected categories that give this Christmas are Clothing with 71%; games and toys with 51%, while 23% think of beauty and personal care products ".

"When you ask about the form of payment, almost 68% decide to make it in cash and 32% on a credit card in installments, 21% on a debit card and 15% on a credit card upon payment," the study said.

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