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Reka-Boca: crack between technicians and players takes to court in Bernabeu – 08.12.2018

The connection will change. This prescription of "we are rivals inside the yard, but outside of us we must be together," was forgotten. Even the slogan of "Rivals, not enemies" is stunning. When this happens and the Copa Libertadores final is a memory, it is difficult to returnAt least, if during the time heroes remain inside and outside the field, both on the river and on Boca. The spark deepened and was very open between the two most important clubs in Argentina.

Marcelo Galardo did not hide the anger that had the last Sunday after the River defeated Gimnazia in Monumental for the Super League. At the press conference after this meeting he was careful to say things he was feeling. Even he publicly acknowledged this "You do not want me to say things I do not want and do not say."

You may find that the doll is angry. "It is a nuisance that no one from Boca publicly thanks for his gesture of solidarity. Even Guillermo with which he has a warm and respectful attitude, "said a source close to the technical body hunting horn,

Galardo himself was the first in the River who showed on Saturday that he would not play the game if there were no equal conditions. And then, when Boca's team left the visiting team and got on the pitch some time after the end of the final, the millionaire DT went out to congratulate the rival and ask how they were. He also spoke for a while with Gustavo Barroso Schello.

Galardo has a heartbeat with the twins. And respect. With Guillermo shared conversations in the national team and there was good vibration. They showed it in every previous greeting in the Superclass, with which they had collided from 2016 onwards.

And the couple? Nearly a Boca technician confirmed it he does not hold anger with the river on the riverOthers comment that not only the coach, but the rest of the coaching staff and team are surprised. "The river is a victim when the attack was us, we just wanted to play a football game and we were not there to make it on Saturday or Sunday of the suspension," he said. hunting horn the source of the bunker is xenonized.

Anger with Galardo is in some Boca players, especially by Carlos Tevez and Wanchopé Abila. Since this newspaper was able to understand, the forums Рwho are friends Рare also xenophobic, are irritated because they say he went to greet them with a photographer from the River. and They attribute the gesture of solidarity to "putting."

The loot also came to the players. And that was proof. Tevez, in the rhythm of Monetary, on Saturday 24, came out on a front against river players, accusing them of not supporting. Although several days later, his partner, Pablo Peres, admitted that Ignacio Scott and Milton Kashho, whom he knew from Newell, had written to him.

Leonardo Ponzio, arriving in Madrid, was strong. "We were solidary with Boca players and we would have been back because it is part of our group's ideology, and I will not add anything to what has already been said. In the campus of the river, Tevez's claims were very poor and those of Dario Benedetto ("Nobody wrote anything to me and during the six hours we were in the dressing room, nobody appeared"). "Some are very hot," They claim the Millionaire bunker.

What will happen inside the court? Spirits are warming up, but both teams are focused on the final in which there will be a champion of Copa Libertadores, who does not stop being a football match. And that about Conmebol's violence and controversy moved to Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid stadium.

Here in the Spanish capital I am very much surprised why they did not make joint action between the two clubs to refuse to come here and that the match will be played in Argentina. How could this happen if Rodolfo d'Onofrio and Daniel Angelci were accused by traitors? Although they both agreed to meet for a television program at that time, it was impossible to believe them. The facts are in the eye.

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