Tuesday , June 15 2021

report that there is only one sampling laboratory

The staff of the Maiztegui and Malbrán institutes consider it "extremely serious that there are only two reference laboratories with installed capacity in the country to diagnose hantavirus, it is reduced. the ability to give a diagnostic response to only one of them ", in the federal capital, while the city of Epiyen faces an outbreak of hantavirus.

They pointed out that the Higashi Institute in the city of Pergamino has the most experience in the area of ​​hantaviruses.

The doctor of medicine, Maria Esther Lazaro, a specialist in infectious diseases, explained that this instituteis key in the first diagnosis of hantavirus in the region since the 1950s".

"This was the only institute that made this diagnosis in the country. After the outbreak in El Bullson, their specialists and technicians gathered to do the research that triggered the first diagnosis, explained Lazaro, a retired physician from the Ramon Carrillo hospital in Bariloche.

He explained that at that time studies have been made on contacts with the population and on environmental research allow the tank to be identified in the full-length mouse".

"The most important thing, he stressed, is that these professionals have trained local teams to become autonomous in all research and support activities needed by the disease."

Environmental health specialists have also been trained to conduct rodent studies, catches, case studies and doctors have been trained to turn to patients and conduct clinical trials to know the characteristics of infections. of the Andes in this region.

They gave us all the tools to know the characteristics of the infection. Thanks to this training, When the outbreak of 1996 occurred, locals were able to get closer to the preliminary knowledge surveyHe specified.

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The Maitegui Institute, the doctor from Bariloche explained,has investigated diseases that have no commercial interest but they are a public health problem and have little support, such as mosquito-transmitted diseases. "

"These are diseases that have no interest in the outbreak. Thanks to these investigations, we are going ahead, "Lazaro said.

He stressed that today "the order is that all samples of possible cases of hantavirus go to Malbrann, and that there is no advantage." In addition, The Mastegi Institute has developed experts in all activities not only in laboratory and diagnostics, but also in research, rodent ecology.".

Lazaro emphasized that "in the current epidemic disease, which is serious and complex, the sum of the expertise of experts not only in the laboratory but also in other areas of ecological and epidemiological research will be very important. And there was scandalous exclusion here".

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