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Retail: The items with the deepest drops – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

Retail sales in Mendoza accumulating for 13 consecutive months in red, according to the LSE study, which in January decreased by an average of 11.6%. Jewelry and watches, electronics in general, furniture, shoes, and sports are the most affected by the lack of consumption in the economy, where Mendoza, as indicated by the business chamber, buys only what is needed.

While the record for the past month has fallen by 11.6% in sales, there are positions where the crisis in stores has worsened even further to 20% collapse.

In the FCE's analysis, in the first month of the year, "large discounts for cash purchases and card payment instruments" were multiplied, but in contrast these benefits imply "loss of profitability for traders." In the end, at the peak of consumption suggested by the parties at the end of the year, "consumers buy only what is needed by acting with great caution" and therefore show that at least during this period, food and drinks .

The impact on the decline in consumption was registered mainly in jewelry and watches (-20.50%), appliances, electronics, computers and mobile phones (-19.00%), furniture (-18.67%), footwear and leather goods -17.34%) and sport (-15.00%).

The study, conducted between January 28 and February 2 in SMEs, related to EMF of different departments, with the exception of large chains, also allows us to analyze consumption and price behavior.

In food and beverages, shipment decreases by 6.00% per year. There are still some strong price rises in some products. The second and third brands are still positioned, a trend that has been observed for months by the LEC.

In clothing, the drop was 12% compared to the same month last year. But they also see that the decline in the online purchase of some brands is on the rise, where delivery times are getting shorter and funding is very competitive. Most retail products were sold in stores and payment was made mainly by credit card.

Toy Stores and Bookstores helped Reyes keep sales and expectations for the beginning of the class.

In the case of electronic products in general (including electrical appliances, computers and mobile phones), despite a 19% drop in traditional stores, there was a good demand for air conditioners and fans. Consumers avoid installments due to the impact of high interest rates.

Shoes and leather goods (-17.34%) and sport (-15.00%) are two positions that continue with significant losses. There is a lot of price comparison and they are also affected by online shopping.

With regard to the expectations of the year, the Chamber of Business does not see major changes. "If the economic situation does not improve, the overall trend will remain negative," they conclude.

Elements and percentages

– Food and drink – 6.00

– Bazaar and gifts -14.50

– Jewelery -13.89

– Footwear and leather goods -17,34

– Sports – 15.00

– Appliances, electronics, computers and mobile phones -19.00

– Pharmacy, Perfumery and Cosmetics -5.89

– Hardware and electrical goods -5.50

– Jewelry and watches -20.50

– Toy Store and Bookstore – 9.80

– Building Materials -6.50

– Furniture stores -18.67

– tires -13.00

– White textiles and beds – 9.00

– Clothes and underwear -12.00

Weighted average -11.67

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