Sunday , June 13 2021

Rial Brunette is "Hello Baby", the song dedicated to his son Francesco

Many people dream of debuting in the music world, and finally, Morena Rial I have fulfilled this great dream of becoming an artist. Soon to reach 20 years and a few months after he first received the new Mummy title, the medic continues to progress in his goal of recording the CD he plans to conquer his followers.

A month ago, through social networks, she was encouraged to show us a preview of one of the themes that led her album, "Hello Baby", which starts with the cry of a baby. Obviously, this song, which was finally published today, is dedicated to his son, the fruit of his relationship with Facundo Ambrosioni. A few days ago, more I surprised him by revealing the name of the child called Francesco Beniceo, not Jordi (the name of the player liked) as originally revealed.

"Today, at 7:00 PM, my first" single "dedicated to my son will be available," he announced brunette from Instagram Stories. From YouTube, the four-minute shot was uploaded where you can see young in a sound recording studio with a sleek look, a black dress, high shoes, gold tones make-up, and loose hair in front of the microphone. On the one hand, his boyfriend plays the piano. Anytime mediation he sings the emotional texts of his subject, caressing his belly and even looking with love for Facundo.

In addition, according to Rating Cero, Morena's new album also deals with other issues that are very important to her life, due to her strong past and the revelations she has made in several interviews in various programs, such as the harassment she suffers of small ones, which marks it forever. The topics related to this stage will be "Your Opportunity" and "I", which are written by singer Stephy Ayala.

Check out the video and read the text!

"Hello baby" – Morena Rial

Like the leaves in the spring, you have a day and my grief disappears.

Suddenly everything is transformed, illuminating everything around me.

And suddenly he appeared. So small and at the same time as big as the sun, gave you life to my heart …

Giving strength and courage to the soul, drying the tears that were on my face.

Changing the course of my life to the wind, giving meaning to my life here.

And though my eyes can not see you, I feel you're here.

And though my hands can not touch you today, I know you're here.

Manage me with your laughter, teach me to dream …

I want to be myself again, to know how to love, to give you what you deserve to be unconditional.

Treasure of my life, I promise I'll take care of you

My whole soul will give it to you, my heart and my warmth is yours today …

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