Friday , May 7 2021

Rio Negro is part of the WLS 2018 World Lottery

Lotería de Río Negro participated in Buenos Aires at the World Lotteries Summit in 2018, where in-depth forms of innovation, new technologies to improve the services provided to citizens were discussed; the future of sports betting and its regulation; Responsible gambling and how to fight illegal gambling.

All the provinces were able to listen to the experts on the subject and to acquire tools to design the development of the national industry.

The Provincial Authority is one of the reference documents at national level, as it meets a WLA-level 2 certificate and works on the certification of ISO 27001 quality standards.

It should be noted that Argentina is a party from the point of view of the regulation of gambling games and thanks to the joint work of Alea, which brings together the Argentine Lotteries and the World Lotteries Association (WLA), this international congress can be organized. in Buenos Aires.

The Rio Negro lottery has been strategically involved as it has made the overall coordination of volunteers coming from all over the world to work in organizing the event. In addition, the lottery staff had the opportunity to participate in this experiment with nutritional purposes and witness debates by industry specialists.

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