Thursday , May 13 2021

River and Boca and a "monumental" story – Tel

The River and Boca played for the first time at the Monumental stadium 80 years ago and all this time offered unforgettable matches with the participation of two "colossi" of Argentinean football with a total of 111 official aprons at the local and international level in which "Glory" , seduced in history.

Until 1938, River played at its stadium, located in Alvear (now Avenida del Libertador) and Tagle, with a capacity of 40,000 spectators and one of the two teams of the South American Championship in 1929.

Antonio Vespucio Liberti, the river president who decided to build the stadium and who opened it, opened on May 26, 1938, with a friendly match, which rave won to Montevideo with 3 to 1.

The first superclass on the stage of the Belgrano neighborhood in the capital, although the popular belief found it in Nunes, is on September 4, 1938, on the 19th. the date of the race, which had as the champion the Independent and the second-grader of the river only two points of the difference. Boca is the fifth to 18 units of Rojo.

The first of the 111 Superc√°sicos reached leveling from 2 to 2. The river's objectives were the work of Luis Maria Rongo, and Francis Varallo noted Boca's conquest in an emotional game.

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