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River Bocca: Defenders who are the main characters of Copa Libertadores' grand finale

Izquierdoz arrived and became Marcal de Boca; his duels with Pratto will mark the definition Source: LA NACION – Credit: Daniel Jayo

From region to area, the super-final can have four key players in the definition of

Libertadores Cup

, The aptitude of Jonathan Maidana and Javier Pinolla, on the one hand, against the hardness of Carlos Ikeiroedoz and Lisandro Magallan. Not only to prevent rival attacks, but also to seek victory in the aerial game.

Only six games and 46 days were enough for Izquierdoz to become Marshal


, To mark the land inside and out of the yard and to take the lead in a group with several weight names for years in the club.

"It was won by men and not by names," he condemned without hesitation after a dark night at Boca in Cordoba, where he hit the bottom with a defeat against Gymnastics by 1-0, which meant elimination in the second round of the Argentine Cup. any doubt before, on the lawn of the Mario Kempus stadium, Kali became irreplaceable.

After completing his old time penalty in Lanus, which prevented him from playing a series of 16 games against Libertad, he said he had been present in the other five Liverpool games. By force of cries, order and air presence in both areas, No. 21 is the command voice of the last line xeneize. Even the goal against the first leg, which condemned 2-2, influenced him from a psychological point of view. In fact, the irritation just went on a walk to the tunnel, where he came very well to Carlos Tevez's cry: "The head up!".

His arrival was an old statement

Guillermo Barroso The Shell

to management. El Melizo knew what the defender he could do in the grenade, both in terms of football and leadership skills. This was an investment of $ 7 million for a person just 30 years old, and in only 11 games (one goal) showed in his DNA features of Boquense caudillo.

To the left appears Magallan, which goes through a certain moment. "In June, when there was an opportunity to go to a European club, Libertadores was one of the main reasons why I chose to stay, and I offered to get to the final," he told the press.

A year ago, he was also about to emigrate. In the 2016/2017 tournament, platense, 25, plays only two minutes against San Lorenzo. However, 3-1 from


in Bomboner, the defense evolved. Lid had a chance and did not miss it. Since then he has played 56 games, scored two goals, caught the attention of clubs in Europe and won the fight Paolo Goltz, another reinforcement claimed by Guillermo.

Curious it is because behind Boca it is seen fortified and her characters are indisputable. But they just played 10 games together. And since Esteban Andrade's return strengthens confidence, the truth is that this trio had only 186 minutes of play: the 90's from Talleres's 1-0 in the Super League's debut, only 6 from the defeat of 2-0 The students when Cali was wounded, and the first leg with Cruzeiro on the night the guard broke his jaw.

With Leonardo Jara on the right and Lucas Olaza on the left, Boca's defensive zone is the sector where tomorrow Melizio has the most decisive course.

Pinola, in full battle with Wanchopa Abila; the defender was one of the figures in the first final
Pinola, in full battle with Wanchopa Abila; the defender was one of the figures in the first final Source: LA NACION – Credit: Santiago Filippiou

The Million Wall

Jonathan Maydana, 33, and Javier Pinola, 35, give experience and trade with the last river. In a defensive structure, consolidated with Franco Armani in the guest, plus Gonzalo Montiel and Milton Casco in the wings, the central duo has become an important pillar for the team and they both reinforce each other after an incorrect start which raises many doubts,

Lucas Martínez Quarta's doping in June 2017 forced a technician Marcello Galardo to seek a companion for an indispensable Maidana in the back. And the goal was Pinola, who left Rosario Central at a very good level to reach the River, the club he's always been a fan of. Their first match was on August 8th that year in a 1-1 draw against Paraguay guarani for the return of Libertadores final eighth.

The first semester of the two teams in 2018 was not good, and the high and low values ​​prevailed in the 16 games they faced. This is why Martinez Quartz regained his place, and he began to spin. His first match at the same time of the year was 10 March in a 1: 0 victory against Patronato in Parana, the relief before takeoff: four days later in Mendoza they had a great level to conquer the Argentine Supercup before Boca. And they never left the team again.

So far, they have played 40 official matches (24 in 2018) that have played side by side and have not been repeated in two of the 13 of Libertadores: Former CentralRosario has been 2-2 in Brazil against Flamengo and Maidana missed a 0- 0 with Racing in Avellaneda, as he accumulated three yellow in the group stage.

Something like that could have happened to Boca's historic final in Monumental: they both played the first stage in the Bombonera with two warnings, so another card implied a stop. But there are no fouls, even though they are constantly confronted by two big strikers like Abila and Benedetto, and Pinolla is one of the court figures: he won all six duels against his rivals.

On the right is Maidana, a historic club with 274 matches, eight goals and 10 titles that paradoxically had a good season in Boca (from 2005 to 2008 he won five championships including Libertadores 2007) and became an idol of a river, left is Pinola, a veteran , who resumed the million-dollar defense in his 56-game match with five goals and two titles. But they not only join the center of the back, they are also referents of the costumes, they have great attention in the coaching staff and are highly respected by the fans. Now, on Saturday, they will have one big challenge together: to stop the power of the purpose of xenophobia in order to realize the big goal.

Cardona asks for a trace

In the absence of Christian Paul, Edwin Cardon believes it is time to go in search of dedication. To demonstrate all the conditions, both with the ball stopped (one of the opponent's weaknesses) and the game, their films are spent and accurate as well as their ability to care for the ball.

In addition to being rejected as part of the 18 who will go out on the field, with the passage of hours his chances of being a champion will become stronger. That will happen will depend on the tactical approach set by Twin. He could integrate the middle into a 4-4-2 with a 4-4-1-1 tie or an ending at 4-3-3.

As if that was not enough, the Colombians were highly appreciated by Juan Roman Rquelme: "I love playing Cardona, I feel identified by the game he has, made a great goal on the river yard in a super-class, it's games that he seems to We'll see if he has a chance to play and he does well.

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