Sunday , June 13 2021

River will make an offer for Carrascal | River Plate


Franco Formosa


The River's technical team, together with Marcello Galallardo at the head, had to decide whether Milo's leadership had accelerated or not to add to the third consolidation of this protracted market. And finally, Rodolfo D & Onofrio and the company went looking for Jorge Carrascal,

In fact, this Friday was known the official offer prepared by River to add to ColombiaThis will be 500,000 euros that El Más Grande offers to Carpathian Lviv (a Ukrainian team where Carrascal works) to try to sign it on a loan.

If the negotiation by the Neymar Colombian takes place, Napoleon will add to his third consolidation in this market of passes and you will find among your targets an offensive midfielder with qualities similar to those of Pity Martinez.

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