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Roberto Baratta spoke from prison and did not deny hearing the operation against Stornelli

13 February 2019

Former Deputy Minister of Control and Coordination of the Federal Ministry of Planning asked how Elisa Carrió had received the material in which she was denouncing the alleged extortion of the prosecutor.

Roberto Baratta spoke from prison and did not deny hearing the operation against Stornelli

Roberto Barratta, the former second of Julio de Vido in planning, chose to express himself from prison Ezeizawhere he was detained last year for the cause bribery notebooks,

In dialogue with the program "It's coming back" from National Radio, the person referred to the appeal brought by. t Civil Coalitionof the wiretaps the deputy has received Elisa Carrió,

Carlos Stormelly sentences Marcello Alesio, a lawyer accused of bribery on his behalf

"They broke my personal life and that of all the prisoners who are here in Ezeiza, they had no order to listen to me "– he said Baratta, which does not deny the existence of the call former Kirchner employee, Carlos Zeljkovic,

In addition, the former right hand of De Vido He added: "You feel violated in your privacy, it's totally illegal. What do you have to ask yourself Elisa Carrió, Patricia Bulrich and German Garage is how these transcripts came to anonymous. And from where Carrio I had things "he was indignant.

on Civil Coalition have complained that the criminal prosecution of the prosecutor is about "Work" this was gathered from prison Ezeiza, where it is detained Roberto Barratta,

Legislators Mariana Zwicic and Paula Oliveto they were responsible for providing them courts phone auditions where you can read how a former employee he asks a questionnaire, with whom he has communicated from his place of birth, what we call metaphorically "Toothache",

Victor Manansarres joined the protected witness program

In the denunciation of the political party it was explained that the material he had come anonymously in an envelope envelope Elisa Carrió, who decided that they were represented in justice,

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