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Rodrigo Eguillo arrested on charges of sexual violence – 12/12/2018

Rodrigo Eguilor, son of a prosecutor at Lomas de Zamora, was arrested in recent hours, accused of abuse of a young woman in an episode that happened in his San Tiemmo apartment on November 16th.

Eguillor was arrested in the country, "south of De Vedia 602, in Ezeiza, where his father lives, and will initially be housed in the Superintendency of Federal Investigations, located on Madariaga Street at 6900 in the Federal Capital, and then it will be transferred to the criminal unit of the courts.

Buenos Aires Justice has ordered Eguilor's new arrest on the night of Tuesday. As confirmed hunting horn police decision, the decision to arrest Eguillor was taken by Judge Carlos Maria Brunyard, head of the Buenos Aires National Criminal Investigation Tribunal No. 48, who instructed the case of Buenos Aires' lawyer Paula Martinez Castro.

The magistrate had ordered the Federal Police proceed to detention of Eguillor after obtaining the skills and other reports that they would see injuries in Lourd Segura, the young woman who was with the accused in the building of Avenida Independencia and Piedras. Eguillor is also charged with the crime unlawful deprivation of liberty,

It seemed to her that tonight the young woman managed to get out on her balcony he started screaming to try to prevent the continuation of the abuses. Judicial evidence would confirm injuries consistent with violence and abuse,

After this incident, Eguillor Make a provocative video to social networks. He has become a media figure for a few days. A week ago he went to all television channels from Ezeiza airport where he had to travel to see the Libertadores final in Madrid.

but there was an accident with police personnel at airport and airport security he was arrested for resistance to power. He spent one night in the courts, and another in the mayor's office Roberto Peñinata de la Plata.

The prison authorities at the accommodation center brought him to a therapeutic assistant and took him to a kiosk where they were detained. others imposed for sexual offenses,

Last Thursday, the Guarantee 2 of Esteban Escheverey, by Horatio Fish, he ordered his releaseBut his problems with justice they were in another court,

The sexual violence process at the expense of Lourdes Segura in her apartment in San Telmo, which burst into social networks and put him at the center of the media scene, developed after Fernando Burland, the victim's lawyer, more fees have been submitted and Evidence in Prosecution 22 by Eduardo Cubia.

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