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Roger Egoror's rage attacks in prison: broken toilets, abstinence and battles with prisoners – 26.01.2019

On December 24, 9 pm, on the eve of Christmas Eve, Rodrigo Egilor (24) began the toilet from the cell, where he was locked up for ten days. When one of the guards saw him and asked for explanations, the young man arrested for sexual abuse and imprisonment of a 21-year-old girl replied, "I broke it and I do not intend to clean up anything here, that's what you will do. ".

From rebellion to absolute fear. The need to change it from a kiosk on problems with other interns permanent monitoring by prison staff. Eguillor has been jailed for 43 days in Marcos Pass Federal Penitentiary II, and those who know him say today He still does not understand what he has done wrong to be locked.

Rodrigo Egilor. Photo: German Garcia Addrasti

Rodrigo Egilor. Photo: German Garcia Addrasti

Already in title 28 (the court of the courts), where he was before the jail, the young man showed the ends of his contradictory personality in terms of its relationship with the constraints imposed by the system. He could not bear to tell him what to do or how to behave. Once in Marcos Pass is categorized as "risky" internally for yourself as your environment.

Already for several days in jail, he was directed to the kennel for sex offenders, where, for example, the footballer Jonathan Fabrobo was persecuted and detained for alleged abuse and corruption of his own bitch. There, neighbors say, there have already been battles and problems in cohabitation.

Eguillor is accused of having raped Lourd, a 21-year-old girl who initially agreed to meet him in an apartment his friend had in the Buenos Aires district of San Telmo. According to the victim, when she told him she wanted to leave, Egilor banned him and the young woman desperately went to the balcony to ask for help, a moment recorded on video by neighbors who also called the police.

The defendant, after the denunciation and the video, is almost instantly defended, first in contradictory live broadcasts by Instagram, which has been made with discriminatory phrases; and then in various television programs in which he said he only wanted to save the life of the young woman who was trying to commit suicide. "I'm the hero," he repeated.

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The truth is that the medical tests have established that Lourdes had bruises on the inside of his left thigh, multiple excirsions in both hands, right knee, and various strokes in other parts of the body, confirming his allegations of the physical attack he suffered . when trying to escape from this department.

While the Forensic Medical Corps, evaluating Eguillor, concluded that although it represents a serious sociopathic personality disorder with Mixed Drug Abuse, "Such a condition does not affect its normality from a psycho-legal point of view and it has an adequate understanding and direction of its actions."

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In the jail, the youth is targeted at the PRISMA program, the federal prison service's mental health service, where he has been evaluated with six interviews conducted by an interdisciplinary team of psychologists and psychiatrists. The result? None of them found a "acute clinic". That is, in earthly words, he is not crazy.

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Earlier this year, Eguillor's lawyer demanded his release as the case progressed, but the National Appellate Chamber rejected him and confirmed the decision of the judge, Carlos Bruniard, who tried him in the pre-trial detention. According to the decision, the Chamber considers, inter alia, that there is a risk of escape and that the crime for which he is accused. provides for deprivation of liberty for effective compliance.

In order to decide to keep Eguillor behind the bars, the Court also assessed a report by the Medical Corps, which outlines the "carefree look" of the accused with regard to the processes in which he is involved. At the same time, psychological research has shown that "there is a tendency toward action, with low tolerance to the disappointment and rejection of the figures of power."

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Since 2015, the Federal Prison Service has in Senilosa, Neuquén, a program that helps prisoners with causes of sexual violence to reduce levels of violence and crime. Rodrigo Egilor can go there if they convict him. How are the workshops and what do the prisoners do?

The first step for the convicted sexual offender to be in the program is voluntary. Secondly, they recognize the crime for which they are convicted.

They then engage in sexual education, talk about the crime they have committed, put them in the place of the victims, analyze the damage they have, learn to control their states of tension, study the gender and gender difference and work on fantasies, which the aggressive sexual situation poses as positive, along with other activities. They can spend three years running the program.

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