Wednesday , January 27 2021

Roman, the most hostess – 11.12.2018

Take Mike Rykelme. And it takes time. Yes, on a full TV, he spends time. Rare. Very rare. While everyone shouts, they call, they gather together, Riquelme stops full screen. And he speaks monotonously. Ypiensa. And breathe. And take a breath. And take a mat, another friend. And he talks to Boca fans. In the heart of Boca fans. With the bumblebee on fire Juan Roman picks up the flag and leads to Boca. This shows you the way. Don 't touch Monroe.

So many times he criticizes that he seems to be an opportunist who goes out to declare after the damage, so many times he has been watching him from the corner of his eye by the fans themselves, that he also praises the river (so he shoots up against the owners of the team) have their own statements of Beto Alonso, this time Juan Roman does what he currently requires. Go ahead. Be careful Keep it Do not go counting the ribs. Riquelme is cautious, measured, reflective. He does not blame his own. In fact, he questions the media. Exaggerating the environment. And how well does it. Because he meditates on this madness that dominates us and makes us believe that if you win the Cup you are the greatest, and if you lose, you are a failure that is useless (and sometimes the line between success and failure is so thin: for example). Román stresses that you should be proud that you are a boss and a little non-gondando on the River de Galardo ("we have won the Guardiola") and obviously remember the descent ("it is not the same game to win a cup to avoid falling down") and the glamor goes to each of his stars and even exaggerates: he says he hurts to fall with the Independent del Valle more than this defeat against the river (indeed, Roman?). So, this time, talk like a fan, Riquelme. It says what the platform wants to hear. In short, politically correct.

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