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Romina Mangel: "I was harassed by a guest of the program and I dare to condemn her" – 12.12.2018

Romina Manguel's unexpected revelation provoked an excruciating moment in Animaleus Suelto when the journalist said she was systematically harassed by a powerful hero who was even invited to the program.

Speaking of the day's release, the accusation of Argentina's collective actresses against Juan Darts, Manguel was considered a victim and said, without giving details, two traumatic experiences in the journalistic environment.

"The victims reveal when we can, not when we want, I am a great woman, I am 45 years old, have two daughters, and there are events that I do not encourage today to count with women who are accompanying me, women who are actively involved. I'm not encouraged to tell the facts that happened to me. Facts that happened to me in this table… "

– Guest came here he systematically harassed meThis young one, who is not there, but I want to know him, stayed next to me because he knew the situation since we got into the apartment until I got a taxi. He sat at the table. When I saw it, the truth I had never commented on, I had a relationship with the Tat for many years, so I asked him, please tell him what happened, I showed him the messages I had from this guy. And That did not leave me for a second. When we left, this guy followed meHe saw it. He offered me to take me and Tat said "no, he already has a cab", he took me and I went to my house. That was 3 months ago. "

But that was not all, because without a pause the story of another case that happened 6 years ago before the rest of the participants was affected by their words.

"He was a great man aged 39 or 38 and someone very, very well known… Ask me if I will report and I will say no. Because you denounce when you can, not when you want. I can not do it, I do not have the tools. This environment is very macho because patriarchy does not fall. Though today I think it's a turning point. And because they do not believe you. I'm telling you about it a very successful, good looking man who calls himself a family man and tells you that he has locked me in a studio. "

Romina Mangel has provided more information about his Twitter account for the bullying episode he lives in

Romina Mangel contributed more information to his Twitter account for the harassment episode living in "Animales Sueltos".

"I ask, please, do not start contacting people I worked with because I did not work directly. He locked me in a studio and squeezed me in the corner He asked the speaker and the radio to leave. Because there are many accomplices to make this happen. I was awesome, I think of a 16-year-old girl. I was 38 years old and could not react. I'm brave, say I'm brave, I'm sitting here on the table. I could not react I did not know what to do. Did the correspondent know? Probably. Does the operator mean? Because they say, "Leave me alone" and they surround me. Another friend of mine, I will thank him, but I will not say the name and he knows it, I think we spent four months in which he did not separate from me. And this very strong man told her all the time: "What's wrong, you're a bodyguard, can not you go alone?", If it happened to me that I am great, I have a lot of experience in the middle and I can not defend myself … "

"You know what you say that she searched for, provoked, so thank my friends for not being a feminist and this is the way I'm going to follow now, I'm not always going to your apartment, Tell me, I can go and that does not mean anything I can go to your house and that does not mean anything we can eat and drink wine and I will not even say this: we can be in balls at a critical moment and I do not feel that way it does not remain, at any time. "

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