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Rosana Bertone: "What Christina Kirchner returns to be president depends more on Mauriceio Macri than on her" – 25.11.2018

Until the last moment they hesitated to accompany the budget, but finally the senators of the Tierra del Fuego voted "for"

I have always said that I will protect the interests of the fuels. After important work, the government abolished a decree we demanded and dictated otherwise, so that the petrochemical industry returns to tax relief, which will allow us to restore jobs. There were also modifications that give us a very interesting perspective with the electronics industry. Tariffs have changed and the position of AFIP messages has been corrected, so now companies can offset their balance sheets in favor of other domestic taxes.

The Governor of

Tierra del Fuego manager, Rosana Bertone.

Does this cancel your order for the soybean fund?

We initiate this claim and will follow it in court. In fact, our government deposits funds that we have returned, despite the need for resources that we have, because we are calling for legal action from the outset.

The managers who accompanied the budget were labeled "traitors"

I am tired of this crack that, on the one hand, we are a coup and the other traitors. We are not one thing or the other, we want to be institutionalized, responsible, but we also have to be heard by the president. People have a lot of problems and the leadership is there to solve them. After the agreements with the nation, I can put my province in the same position as Vaca Mutra, this is the reality: we have the same potential in terms of jobs, research and even the possibility of substitution of imports, because Argentina today counts propylene, methanol, urea. When one of the main problems I have in the country is lack of work and cuts, how can I not protect my people?

He has criticized the government's "lack of sensitivity" several times

And I keep doing it. You must have a model of the state. What is Mauriceio Macri? I wish or not, but today I do not see that there is one. They are constantly blocking emergency situations. Current prices are impossible for the development of any industry. I do not like the IMF having offices in the Central Bank who hire one another. It's enough to lose your independence!

Was Kambiemo's management surprised?

Yes of course. In Chile Sebastian Pinera has a right-wing government, but it is a government. This is something incomprehensible: no direction, no model. They said the best team came from the past 50 years, and it turns out that there are today employees who do not know who they are.

Do you congratulate something positive?

The policy with Vaca Mutra, which had begun with Miguel Galluccio, and this government continued and deepened.

And Peronism has a chance to win in 2019?

Yes! Peronism won in 2019, give me a sign (laughs).

Today, however, they are divided

Today there is no leadership and it is difficult to organize. Anyway, there is time for the election process and I have expectations that we can have this leader who commands us.

Who would like it to be?

Many have opportunities. Juan Manuel Urtubay (Salta) is interesting, Sergio Yunak (San Juan) also Juan Shiareti (Cordoba) … There are a lot and maybe others appear.

And Sergio Massa?

I mean it, but there is someone else who can have a chance.

This week you joined the expanded photo of the band Massa, Urtubey, Schiaretti and Miguel Angel Pichetto, do you stick to this space?

I hope we can work for a broad front that includes everyone. Peronists have a vocation to power, we will not deny it, and we have always been boundaries. We need to synthesize the best of each and restore weight to key areas such as Cordoba and Santa Fe to be competitive.

however Alternative Argentina sets boundaries. Urtubay said an intern with Christina Kirchner would be a "deceiver"

I think we have a selector mechanism that is STEP and can be used perfectly for settling applications. This is a valid tool, and if we do not, the first thing Makri will do is try to cancel it. There is no vision, there are many visions, and we will have to solve them.

Do you think that a STEP with Christina Kirchner is then included?

It would not bother me at all. In 2003, the party's position was to compete with three lists, that was the way to resolve the situation and I think it might happen that I am in this debate. For me, there is always the possibility even to the second round to see what the limit of each is. I am not against anything.

Is the agreement in the Council of the Magistracy a progress in the unit?

Yes, this was a step in the idea of ​​reconciliation and communication in general, which I think is absolutely necessary.

Would you like the former president to be a candidate?

This is a very personal solution for her. I think there are many others, like those I mentioned, who have interests. But if Christina wants to build an option, she has all the rights and maybe an opportunity. But since there is no demonstration on your part, it's hard to know what you want to do.

And do you think that if he presents himself, can he become president again?

I can not understand that there is more to be discussed. This will depend on how the government knows how to manage this moment of crisis: if it has a reaction to its own voters or if they continue to overlook them. Today, I think Christina's opportunity to be president again depends more on Macri than Christina. If the situation is still so bad, what will people do? It will not stay in the bad. If Makri does not devote himself to Managing Opportunity, someone will have it. That's why I do not see his re-election as obvious as the government wants to offer.

Beyond the figure that may arise, what self-criticism does Peronism do?

We must restore sensitivity and, in my view, have a connection that many deny from the Catholic Church and the evangelist. It is important to restore the spaces and territories. We could not interpret the claim of the field, the industrial sector …

Do not you think the CC does not have an agenda for corruption?

There is no transparency program, yes, as all popular Latin American parties are missing. This is a debate and a self-criticism that faces society. But at this point it is not decisive, perhaps in the past, but today what worries you is how you live day after day. I think there will be a strong economic component.

Do you think Macri will have to sacrifice his re-election and put another man?

They believe that in 2015 they have done well with the recommendations of Marcos Penya and Duran Barba, but I think they are doing well because we had a poor electoral strategy in the past.

What was the bad strategy in 2015?

Not enough support for candidate Daniel Skioli who does not help him in the country and has a candidate for vice president (Carlos Zanini) who was hated at the place where he was born and made us lose a very important area like Cordoba.

Last year, in Tierra del Fuego, you met with Kirchner. This year?

We work for the unity of Peronism and we achieve it. I would like to lead a very wide electoral front where everyone is, including some who are not Peronists.

In the province, the Peronist government has never been able to re-elect

Yes, there is stigma. Since we are a province, he has never succeeded in resuming the president of PJ. I have this challenge, and also to build an alternative, to generate new leaders. This is an obligation I noticed because in many provinces it happens that there is a party leader, and then no one else.

She was the first woman to receive a government from another woman

Tierra del Fuego is a province with a strong female footprint in politics. Many women are involved and this is very interesting. The president of the constituent convention that drafted our constitution was a woman: Elena de Mingorans, from the Fujino People's Movement. I like to think of the province as born of a woman like Elena, who had a strong, committed personality, though little valuable.

Is politics macho?

Unfortunately, yes. Although Argentina has had major changes, it is still missing. The situation of poverty suffered by Argentinian women with their children, which is something that hits me deep, would be different if there were more women leaders.

In what situations did you feel it?

It would be unfair to say that I was suffering from Mimism because it always gave me opportunities and I was respected. But I see it as a whole, there are no opportunities that affect everything. How much it takes to reach certain positions. For example, although women are highly involved in the Senate, conversations are always more with men. This is also seen in the business class of our industries and companies.

Do you think parity will open the way?

I love that parity was approved, it was a necessity. You will bring your discussions, but that will be very good.

In the campaign in 2019, the issue of abortion will return. You were against.

Personally, I was against, but I like the fact that my teams can have freedom because they are questions of conscience. I am a deep believer, faith is very important to me, and few politicians talk about it. I pray the gospel every day, I have no problem to say it.

Should the Church and the State not be separate questions?

Many see this issue as very serious, I believe that connection is a necessity. Not only with the Catholic churches but also with the evangelicals because they support many citizens that the state does not contain. Today, to show faith, in general, not only the Catholic is considered a bad thing, and it is good for me.

You have opposed several of the governmental policies with regard to the Malvinas. What do you think about the words of Foreign Minister Jorge Furi, who refers to the "people" in the Malvinas.

Chancellor has a bad faith directly or confuses everything because it is not a city, it is a population implanted in the Malvin Islands. This chancellor says that when we have claims to the UN, this is a very serious precedent. You had the opportunity to work differently after Brexith's departure and to seek support from European countries. I worry that we may lose Latin America's support. It bothers me that the claim to sovereignty is abandoned, that it hurts me as a legitimate governor of the Falkland Islands and as Argentina because there are soldiers who have left their lives there.

The "gringa" that does not look at the past

When Rosanna Bertone is a girl, her mother's grandfather – who died at the age of 12, told her a phrase that was engraved: "In life you can be a great thing or go without meaning."

These words, without medium terms, were noted by Governor Fugue. "Huge, heavy weight, but that marks me a lot," he admits, his parents, he says, are also "very engaged," and these family influences have led him to politics. "I started out as a military officer and social sensibility Peronism is attracting me," he says.

"La gringa," as her friends say, was born 3200 kilometers from the town of Tierra de Fuego, in the city of San Salvador (12 000 inhabitants) in Entre Ríos, and made a stop in Santa Fe to study right at the Universidad del Litoral . , and in 1997 with 25 years he arrived in the province of the end of the world in search of opportunities.

"The economic situation was so bad that it made it hard for me to live in Santa Fe." When some friends who went to Tierra del Fuego told me I would do well and that the PK had the opportunity to leave, he remembers. ,

Immigrant descendants – his grandfather was the Italian and his German grandfather – in his family, he says, instills the values ​​of "struggle, sacrifice, effort." Maybe this stubbornness of nonsense is what helped her get to the government house after two unsuccessful attempts (one as a deputy). In his profile, he has a phrase from Mahatma Gandhi: "First they ignore, then they laugh, then they attack and finally earn."

Prior to being an agent, she worked as a lawyer for research until she was offered to enter the provincial housing institute of Tierra del Fuego. From there, he jumped on the MP's bench – three mandates – and then to the Senate. "The legislative experience has made me develop and gave me negotiation tools."

But management, no doubt, is what he likes the most. "I am the perpetrator". "While I was a legislator while traveling every week, I made papers to some fugitives who asked me about things, some unusual, I was transporting a prosthetic leg, for example, or an engine that had to be brought in to repair Capital," he says amused .

The activity keeps it in a rhythm and, she confesses, it usually does not return to the past. In the ping-pong of the questions and answers of this interview, the slogan of choosing a memory of his life was the one who delayed the most: "I'm not focused on the past, I'm always in the present or the future," he said.

She is Catholic and has strong ties to the Church. Last year, she rejected the legalization of abortion, and in 2010 voted against equal marriage.

She divorces herself in the "little" free time she likes to devote herself to the plants and share with her daughter Macarena, a 23-year-old psychologist. "She has a distinction from Universidad del Salvador," she says, "in social networks her daughter dedicates publications." We have a good relationship, mother and daughter, not that I am her friend. but I think she thanked me for being proud of her. "


Rosana Bertone (46) is a lawyer at Universidad del Litoral, Entre Ríos. She is divorced and has a 23-year-old daughter. In 1997, she moved to Tierra del Fuego, where she joined the civil service as the Director General of the Tierra del Fuego Provincial Housing Institute and worked between 1997 and 2001. She served three terms as a national deputy to FPV since 2001. until 2007, a candidate for vice-governor of Hugo Cocarro, but lost in second against Fabiana Rios formula. In 2011, he returned to compete for the governor as a governor candidate and lost again in the second round with Rios. In 2013 he assumed the position of senator, but in 2015 he won the elections for governors and left the office. His term expires next year and bets will be re-elected


Project: Convert the Tierra del Fuego so that it is one of the most important provinces and stops that are defined as a weight for Argentina.

Challenge: Improving the quality of life of Fuegians in services, access to public health and housing.

Head: Angela Merkel He made Germany prosper and support his party.

Character: I'm a San Martin fan.

Dream: Staying in the memory of the Fuels as a governor who managed to transform the province.

Society that I admire: I like Argentina

Memory: My time as a student.

Feeding: Roasted.

Beverage: Argentinean Malbec

Pleasure: Chat with my daughter.

Book: Homo Deus, by Yaval Noah Harari.

Movie: I look pretty independent at Netflix

Series: I do not see

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