Friday , July 30 2021

Rosia Oliva, at the hearing of reconciliation between Maradona and Veronica Oheda: "Let him take it, I will give it to him"

The footballer interrupted the silence in all afternoons. He said why his breakdown with Ten is final and he threw sticks for the couple?

Rosio Oliva and her spicy phrase for Veronica Ohheda and Diego Maradona:

in Every afternoon Rossio Oliva he spoke for the first time after the scandalous interview he gave Diego Maradona in violatorsOne of the topics that was not lacking was the version that ensures that the former footballer was reconciled Verónica Ojeda,

– I have nothing to do with Veronica, the war they need two, Diego, I'll give it to him, I'll give it to him, I do not know how to say it without sounding bad, I'm out of it.

Many things happened between them, many things were said. When it's all, everything is worth it. The same is no longer my problem, the one who will be with him is she, "he assured as soon as he consulted with him. Mauj Lozano for strong hearing. After Veronica said he was a bad father. Everything is strange, "he added for the context in which this new opportunity would happen to the former.

"She said she was happy every time she got away from Diego," she said, rejecting the fact that she had fought Veronica and devoted her to Ten. "I have nothing to do, because you need two for a war. There is Diego, who grabs him. I give it to him. I do not know how to say it without sounding bad. "I refused," she said.

All the time, the young woman claimed her relationship with Maradona was already part of the past, and that Veronica's concerns should be Claudia Viláfane and Dalma and Gianina Maradona for the bad relationships they have. "I do not think Rocio is her problem, he is not today," he said, just to remember one of the conflicts of his enmity with Veronica. When Diego wanted to see her son, she asked me not to attend. I've been Diego's wife for 6 years. It was crazy, he remembered Rossio OlivaWill they go out to answer him?

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