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Russia will travel to the moon to confirm theories chronicle

from Leo Schwarz
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This 21 July 1969 was not another day in the history of mankind. Today is the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, seconded by his countryman Buzz Aldrin, in the lunar module "Eagle of Apollo 11" did one of the greatest works in history: Landing on the Moon. So Armstrong, as mission commander, made this incredible jump, seconded by Aldrin, to be the first human being to step on the dusty surface of the planet Earth's natural moon. "It's a small step for man, but a big leap for mankind", said Neil with great euphoria after putting his feet on the satellite, a phrase that was marked by fire in history. This image, seen by millions of people through television images of countless countries in the world, has influenced many people most excited about this unique moment. But from that moment and despite the insistence of the US Aerospace Agency (NASA) on the truth about the first landing on the Moon, on the other hand, many other people doubted that this event was real, claiming that everything was a very good fitting of a film . A suspicion that if confirmed, it can be clarified in a few months. Whether in 2019, when the five decades of this historic moment, Russia, one of the most skeptical nations of this landing (and then the Soviet Union, which, among other things, the superpower of these decades competed directly with the Americans in the space race) try to check through a mission whether Armstrong (and apparently Aldrin) were actually on the Moon. For this Dmitry Rogozin, the director general of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, has already announced the Moon mission proposal, which is charged with verifying whether the moon landing of Apollo 11 is true.

Why Doubts?

A figure that says far exceeded 530 million people could see live when Armstrong, the "space hero", as he mentioned at the time, put his foot on the surface that no one else had ever set foot. It is considered a unique experience and a vivid victory for all mankind. However, given that the pictures and clips of available Apollo missions appear only through NASA, there is no independent verification to prove that the landing of the moon is more than mere cheating.

In this context, Rogozin made this revelation during a live Twitter meeting with the present President of Moldova, Igor DodonDuring the conversation, Rogozin answered the question of whether NASA had ever reached the Moon in history. While in charge, the head of the Russian space agency smiled and shrugged. But he immediately said that his next mission would try to find the answer to the billions of dollars. "We established this goal to travel and check whether they were there or not"he said laconically.

The Talk

It should be noted that the conspiracy theories about the moon landing of NASA's Apollo mission are very popular throughout Russia. According to these theorists who usually analyze everything, the Yankee agency would manipulate the arrival of a man on the moon to proclaim his dominion in space, thus overcoming the Soviet Union against the world when the two forces kept a cold war accompanied by disputes in the arms race and the hegemony of their so different political concepts.

In this regard, in 2015, a former spokesman for the Russian Investigation Committee called on the authorities to conduct a formal investigation to reveal the true truth behind the landings of the Moon, quoted by NASA. "We're not saying they did not fly to the Moon and just made a movie about it", writes in an article published by the Russian newspaper Izvestia. He added: "All these scientific, or perhaps cultural, artifacts are part of humanity's inheritance and their disappearance without a trace is our total loss.The investigation will reveal what really happened",

Failed attempts

Russia's doubts arise immediately that it is known that Armstrong and Aldrin have stepped on the surface of Selenite during the same period, the Soviet Union also tried to reach the moon but were forced to leave the moon missions after four experimental missiles they failed trips were cut.

Perhaps now, five decades later, the Russians seem ready to get rid of the thorns, and if they do not begin to play the conspiracy and mission of the Moon in 2019, it is very likely that they could testify or deny if Armstrong was in the natural satellite on Earth.

Can it become the biggest trick in history?

The problem was not immediately installed, except for the Russians, who always doubted the arrival of Apollo 11 on the Moon. However, whenever evidence of landing is required, the strongest one provided by the NASA administration for decades is the image of an American flag floating on the moon surface.

But in this context, those who have experienced intrigue and conspiracy are not tired of repeating that the movement of the flag clearly indicates the presence of wind, which is impossible in space. Anyway, Houston, where NASA's headquarters are, was not silent to tell by announcements that during the capture, Aldrin was moving the flag to hold it on the moon floor, which caused the strange movement.

Others who doubt the moon landing suggest that the American director Stanley Kubrick This would help NASA deceive the first landing on the moon because its 1968 film "The Cosmic Odyssey" shows that there is technology at the time to create an artificial space-like scenario.

In relation to astronauts Virgil I. Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee, who died during a fire while testing the equipment for the first lunar mission, according to the usual conspirators, would have been executed by the United States government not to reveal the truth of what had happened. Crazy theory, but not impossible. Because, in the case of death, the recently-established US fugitive Graham McHair, who often uses the name Streetcap1 as a pseudonym, died in mysterious circumstances as soon as he discovered a man's reflection in the viewfinder worn by one of the astronauts while on the moon's surface. Interestingly, the image of the man on the moon's surface does not carry the backpack that astronauts use during space missions.

Appeal with a few examples

Throughout history, the United States and the Russian Federation (and earlier, when that state commanded the so-called Soviet Union) have kept moments of intense demand to be the most advanced countries in the space plane, generating a true career between the two powers. However, on September 27, 2017, at the 68th International Astronautical Congress held in Adelaide, Australia, NASA and Roscosmos signed a joint agreement to develop a space station between the Moon and the Earth.

This agreement is included within the so-called Deep Space Gateway (NASA-led Gateway to Deep Space), which aims to develop facilities near the Moon needed to carry out missions in space that are among them a future mission on Mars, which the agency intends to undertake in the 1930s.

This joint statement, according to NASA, "Reflects the general vision of human research" of the two agencies belonging to countries traditionally opposed to other areas. "Agreements such as Roscosmos signed the Deep Space Gateway concept as a good example of an affordable and sustainable exploration of space"He expressed it Robert Lightfoot, acting director of the NASA headquarters in Washington. In turn, Igor Komarov, Director-General of Roscosmos, has admitted that at least five countries are working on building their own systems. And before numerous journalists add this "In order to avoid future problems of technical cooperation, some of the rules should be united so that several countries will have the opportunity to work in their own facilities and join the international lunar station",

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