Sunday , June 13 2021

S & P Merval registered its first weekly loss for more than a month

After two successive increases. T The S & P Merval fell to 34,810.51 points after touching an unprecedented daily maximum of 35,527.10.

Domestic assets could not accompany this bustling Wall Street, as they were more prone to interruption, with the dollar sinking as BCRA's purchases failed to reverse the depreciation.

The biggest victims of the day were recorded by shares YPF (-2.8%), Comercial del Plata (-2.2%) and Transportadora de Gas del Norte (-2.1%).

Among the increases in the wheel, the actions from Tenarris (+ 2.7%); Grupo Financiero Galicia (+ 1.6%); and Petrobras Brazil (+ 0.7%).

Oil sector roles, less YPF, rose in the midst of oil growth, this is due to the unstable crisis in Venezuela, a OPEC member state whose production has declined.

North Sea Brent Barrel for delivery in March gained 55 cents and closed at 61.64 dollars on the London market. In New York, the barrel of "light sweet raw materials" (WTI), also in March, rose 56 cents to $ 53.69.

The market looked at Venezuela, where the opposition, Juan Guaido, president of Congress, declared himself president because he thought Nicholas Maduro was the occupier of power.

The volume of the local market remains limited, given that short-term outflows are not excluded, they are estimated on the market: it is barely $ 594.1 million.

There are 50 increments, the same number of victims and 10 actions remain the same.

The best of the day was in common panel, with the actions of Ferrum (+ 10.5%); Southern Cone Oil (+ 6.4%); Longview (+ 5%); and Polledo (+ 4.6%).

Some traders may tend to close positions after a major recovery earlier this year, especially when it was mainly "imported" from abroad, and admit that the electoral noise will increase in the coming months, economist Gustavo Berr said.

Argentine shares on Wall Street

The stock market in Argentina on Wall Street closed the day with the most profits on a bicycle where the New York Stock Exchange rose after relief from the news that the US This will put an end to the partial closure of the longest government in its history.

The progress of Argentine documents was led by Tenaris (+ 4.2%); Take-off (+ 3.1%); Galicia (+ 2.5%); and Banco Macro (+ 2.3%).

On the other hand, the industrial average Dow Jones rose 0.7%; S & P500 gained 0.8%; and Nasdaq advanced by 1.3%.

Bonds and national risk

In the fixed income segment, the major government bonds in dollars (quoted in pesos) are closed due to the strong decline of the US currency on the foreign exchange market.

on Bonar 2024 lost 1%; Bonar 2020, 0.7%; Argentina 2025, 1.3%; and the concession under Argentine law has led to 0.8%,

By contrast, bonds denominated in US dollars, preferably those in the long section of the yield curve, they reached 0.7% (AA37D).

As for the peso tranche, the market expected the Monday Lecaps auction for $ 50,000 million. "Judging by the exchange rate movement, this auction will be demanded from abroad," – said the SBS Group.

Finally, the Argentine countries' risk, which measures JP Morgan, three units dropped to 660 basis points, after about 800 units at the beginning of the year.

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