Tuesday , June 15 2021

Sabrina and Luciano reconciled? | DiarioShow

A little over a month after the press release, Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rohas They shared a gentle family image. The actor publishes in his installation a nice card in which he sees it and the blonde laughs. In the middle of them is their son spectacularitywho prefer not to watch the camera.

Still in La Feliz, actors and their two children continue to enjoy the beach and the sun. Although with this postcard it will be confirmed that there is more than good vibration.

The scandal in the couple began at dawn on Dec. 26, when the blonde wrote a very mysterious message accusing someone ofpsychopath, violence and addictOn the other hand, Castro shared a photo of a conversation with a mysterious woman on her account at Instagram, both posts were deleted a few hours later, and she clarified that her accounts were hacked and two weeks later they announced the separation.

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