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Saladillo: the man died beheaded and looked for the main crime scene

Forensics confirms that Luis Domínguez was still alive when his head was cut with a sharp knife or machete

Saladillo: the man died beheaded and looked for the main crime scene

More scratching near the waste where the body appears / synthesizes

Luis Roberto Domínguez (66), the man killed at Saladillo 24 hours after he attacked his ex-partner and stepson, was shot dead by a faca, a sharp knife or machete. According to a forensic report, the cut was made between the C4 and C5 vertebrae while he was still alive, between 23.30 Monday and 3 am Tuesday morning. It is also known that the body has several stab wounds in one hand and in the lung area, even though the doctor ruled out that they were fatal, transcended from a judicial source.

Meanwhile, La Plata DDI investigators tried to find the main location of the killings, namely, the place where Dominguez was killed before throwing his body on vacant land in Boniface Alisal and Armendáriz, on the outskirts of Saladillo and about 900 meters from the house of María Rosa Abal (62) and daughter , Marisa Vanesa Moreno (29).

The women were shot at 17:00 on Monday at Hipólito Yrigoyen to 3900, where, according to the case, Dominguez made at least 5 shots with a .22 caliber weapon. One of the projectiles hit Maria Rosa at the top of the left scapula, while another collided and cracked the fingers of Marisa's left hand and three others impacted various places in the house.

"We were all shocked," Jorge, a local resident who recalled the crime of Marisol Oyhanart, told the newspaper that four years later he had not been convicted.

Alicia, another neighbor, stressed that Monday's shooting attack could be even worse, because Abal's home was sleeping Marisa's youngest son, who was not injured.

After the victims' complaints, the police went to find Domínguez, even though they only had news again 25 hours later, with unexpected findings. It was 6 pm on Tuesday, when a pair preparing to clear a plot of land near their home, approached, attracted to the place where their dog was biting with a conscience.

"At first the woman thought it was a doll, but then she saw that she was human and she had a missing head," Jorge said, close to the couple.

Because the prosecution led by Patricia Alejandra Hortel admitted that in the area it was not where they killed Dominguez, but it was the site they chose to dispose of: there was not enough blood, but there were signs of being left behind.

Another dog moved the skull part and at the bottom of the workshop boundary found more pieces that made it possible to reconstruct it. The dog was made an X-ray film and the stool and vomit samples were analyzed, given the possibility that he had swallowed several projectiles, details of the La Sítesis newspaper, de Saladillo. Is that the weapon found in Alisal Street's land has the capacity for six bullets and the drum is empty.

The sector was destroyed again in the last hours, to find new evidence. There were no detainees, although with the passage of time, the revenge hypothesis was strengthened.

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