Monday , June 21 2021

San Martin had turned the game, but Tigre had an agonizing tie

In a key match for constancy, San Martin and Tigre finished 2-2 for the 16th day of the Super League.

The meeting was held at the Jose Deladjovana stadium in Tigre with Arbitration Patricio Lustaux, which does not get a clear form Diego Morales in the game of the game, which led to the first goal of the game.

Tigre discovered a goal with a goal from Lucas Yanson (in the game setup, Morales was ambushed), but San Martin made the balance in his favor thanks to the cries of Rodrigo Gomez and Lucas Assevedo.

Everything seemed to be the three points for Tukman. However, the "killer" does not fall asleep and only one minute after the end of the regulation, Hugo Silveyra he gave aggression to Tigre.

This commitment was of great importance in the two teams' struggle to escape the fallout.

Apart from the emotions that the duel had, the two clubs are still in the basement: they are the last teams in the table with the average San Martin with 1062 and the Tigre with 1,000 people.

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