Thursday , July 29 2021

Sanlorsino's actor appealed to participate in the new fiction, starring Swar

Sanorino actor Gabriel Marinucci was summoned to participate in the new short prose produced by Paul-Chueco en línea, starring Adrian Suarez.

Gabriel has already participated in various novels belonging to this Argentine producer. This time they called him a few weeks ago to offer him a hero record in the new television tape. Yesterday, he went to Buenos Aires and today he shoots the scenes.

The young man will be in the SL24 tomorrow, relying on details of his character.

The story of Chueco en línea will show Swar's endeavored efforts to strengthen his presence in the vast territory of social networks and generate attractive content for this digital community. Although there will be help and guidance from some influential personalities, Chueco will be immersed in many lively and even inconvenient situations that will endanger the attainment of its goal.

For ten 15-minute chapters (one week in a row), Suar will look for the best way to report news that has more than a jubilant factor: the 25th anniversary of his production company. His idea is to share a documentary specially created for the case in the digital universe, but the task will not be easy! To achieve this goal, he will have his son Thomas Kirsner and his "devoted network people" like Dario Barassi, Iair Said and Bellu Lucius, who will give him the advice and advice to repeat his success in the world. virtually. So his life will be divided between his usual role as a father-actor-entrepreneur-maker and his brand new profile of "influential" … The problem will arise when both worlds are mixed!

Chueco online will also feature special appearances by Nicholas Vasquez, Pablo Covililla, Alfredo Cassero, Candela Vetrano, Rugero Pasquali, Martin Garabal, Nicholas De Tracy and other special guests who will be revealed throughout the story.

With this project, Polka and Cablevisión Flow rely on the production of trans-media and non-traditional content, where the story will be extended to the heroes' social networks, increasing experience and telling more details about what's happening in the series,

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