Thursday , May 13 2021

Scandal in Parana: Young people get naked in exchange for wine

A series of pictures and video clips that were transferred over the weekend to the Parana bowling alley, Entre Ríos, which in recent days became viral, sparked big controversy over an alleged contest where two girls' clothes were overhead and danced to win sparkling wine.

– Start peeling, start removing something, said the animator of the night of competing girls while the current audience was mad "that they take everything"Later, one of the two young women decided to come down from the floor and said: – I know you will win 1, 2 and 3 and you will win a title.

The leader of the event, criticized in social networks, released in the same way: "To all who upload things and write about the poor girl, why do not they start to do something more sensible, I think it's too much for them to talk without knowing things, having a family and leaving me sick before them. mother.

Some of those present at the incident reported that one of the young women who appeared in the video at issue is only 15 years old. In this context, one of the measures taken over the next few hours will be for the police to find the girls involved.

Another measure adopted by the Gender Victims Service and the Ministry of Defense of Santa Fe will be convened as soon as possible to the municipal authorities, the police, the owners of the bowling in question, but also to all those who lead nightclubs in Parana,

In this context, they will be sensitive to issues such as juvenile delinquency and other crimes such as the supply of alcoholic beverages or juvenile drugs.


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