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Argentina's Superliga de Ftbol – Date 13 Seminars took advantage of the Argentine crisis Jrs

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Talleres de Córdoba raised to six consecutive defeats of Argentinos Juniors, which will be imposed tonight from 2 to 0 after a decent match played at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, within the thirteenth day of the Super League,

Uruguay striker Junior Arias, in the middle of the first half, scored a goal for the formation of Juan Pablo Voyvoda.

Already in the gadget, Gonzalo Maroni, 2 years old, increased the figure for T.

The visit earned a fair comparison, which forced him as a strategic master before "Bicho" plunged into an undeniable football crisis, fact supported by the few three goals he made in this new tournament after the World Cup in Russia.

The rhythm of some teams, which are currently below the average table and the remarkable football decay that Bolicho proves to be unexpectedly involved in the fight for perseverance when it was quite handy, has given a particular importance, especially for homeowners.

All this, the visitor who seems to get involved shortly after the bleeding suffered by his team is better planted from the start. As a result of this superiority, Cordoba's team came to the opening after a quick victory for Godody, which led to a center that midfielder Chouvs crossed to leave the ball to the mercy of Arias, who with the empty arc definitely with comfort.

The host attempted to equalize quickly and created some favorable situations, but his lack of skill and a lack of luck prevented him from achieving the goal.

Both Verón and Ilarregui did not have an offensive weight, although in their respective editions it can be said that they were never well supplied by the flyer lines or the violent one and opposed Junior Benítez.

If the locus put a rapid recovery from the complement, it was deactivated after another escape from the always negligent and gravitating Godoy on the right side, which generates a target almost traced to the first one with a center that finds another weak reaction from Chaves and subsequent concretization of Maroni.

With the expanded advantage, Talleres processes the procedure as desired with an impotent capital group that finds Herrera hard to overcome several times, creating a gunshot in the rival area.

Victims of impatience by their angry bias, Argentinos tried to initiate the rebate before the T was pragmatic enough to defend himself to win the victory.

The inclusion of a Spades Decadent and some tactical variations that did not go did nothing but add to Argentina's already devious inability from the first half.

In addition, some reckless Torren tickets, which have not been warned by the inexorable judge Tello today, have left testimony to the confusion of a local without a particular model of play and sink into tactical tactical disorientation.

The thunder scroll, which removed the training of temporary coach Raul Sanzotti, who replaced Ezekiel Carboni, undoubtedly demonstrates the concern that this very bad semester generates in the supporter "Bicho".

Business meetings with bigger trade and those who hit at the right times beat triumphantly rather than undoubtedly cleverly taking advantage of the weaknesses of the opponent who in the last half hour completely lost the line when he realized that a new defeat was a ridge falling into the descent area, an unthinkable situation a few months ago.

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