Monday , July 26 2021

Sergio Denis: New Medical Part Warns Of Severe Neurological Disabilities – ADNSur

FEDERAL CAPITAL – A new medical report distributed by the Los Arcos de Palermo sanatorium where Sergio Denis is interned, warns of neurological disabilities that the singer can endure, who remains in serious condition after an accident suffered during a Tucuman show 40 days ago.

"Patient Héctor Hoffmann, who remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit of this sanatorium, still needs mechanical ventilation and treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics," the statement said.

"His neurological involvement is severe as a result of structural brain damage, as evidenced by its clinical condition and the numerous studies conducted by the team (Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neurochemistry), "he adds.

"His general condition is fragile and vulnerable because he is a critical and chronically ill person as a result of the serious event that has happened and the consequences of it, and he still has a medical and surgical management of his condition."

After falling off the stage of the Mercedes-Benz Sosa Theater on March 11, Dennis stayed in Tucuman Hospital until Saturday, April 13, when he moved to Buenos Aires.

Since then He is in the Los Arcos sanatorium in Palermo, where he underwent thoracic surgery "to evacuate a complex pleural effusion compressing part of the right lung and the abdomen" due to a severe intestinal infectious process.

Source: La Nación

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