Sunday , June 13 2021

Sex chip: what is it, how performance improves and how much it costs

Just the size of the rice grain, It is placed under local anesthetic under the skin so it is imperceptible. "It's definitely a global trend, and it's growing, I notice it in clinics, and doctors who come to study in these procedures because of the search for their own patients," says the professor. Andrea Miranda, medical director of the Argentine Society for Aesthetics and Integrated Nutrition (SAENI).

The specialist in aesthetic medicine explained that this subdermal pellet improves overall work. "Gradually releases testosterone doses to generate its effects: increased physical and mental energy, improved libido and sexual satisfaction. Patients constantly report a sense of well-being, he explains.

Both men and women can benefit from its benefits. "The difference is in the milligrams we use, in which we apply a little more, always in relation to the physical activity they perform, the weight and other factors that have been evaluated earlier."said Miranda.

The price of the chip about $ 11,000, although the centers that apply them usually offer cash payment promotions.

This medical procedure is also Recommended for menopausal and pre-menopausal women. "It relieves hot flashes, improves the vaginal wall, increases bone density, regulates sleep and generally contributes significantly to hormonal balance. Besides, if it is accompanied by physical activity, it helps to model the body, "says the doctor.

The popularity of this treatment is also due to practicality and comfort: It is non-invasive, it takes no more than 15 minutes and allows you to return to the usual day activities.

Effects begin to appear in the first two weeks. They last about six months, some up to eight, during which time they can get another pellet, "Miranda concluded.

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