Thursday , June 17 2021

Shocking blow, insults for the audience and 2 assists: The match of Di Maria in PSG

Ángel Di María he was one of the star players in the party that was cheerful Manchester United and PSG in Old Trafford, corresponding to the first intersection of the Eighth Final of. t Champions League.

Before the break came, the former striker Rosario Central has suffered a difficult crossing Ashley YoungThe English side, who returned, had a pattern of character and rudeness.

Speed ​​of fideo it was not enough to deviate from the English, and the whip threw him into the stands and security posters. Even the security staff could not stop the footballer who fell with the whole body on his arm.

After a few minutes of tension, the medical confirmed that the Argentine did not suffer any injuries and allowed him to return to the field to continue with the engagement. A fact that generates the inconvenience to the fans because he imagined the supposed exaggeration of the attacker.

Conscious of the reproaches of society, Di Maria returned to the shipping add-on Kimpembe and Mbappéwho celebrated their conquests on foreign territory. After the first goal in which fideo Rosario, who sent the center, insulted the spectators when his teammates celebrated their victory at home.

His production was so good that he even had time to joke with beer that was thrown when the actions were stopped. Refusing to drink an alcoholic drink allows him to continue on the court because if he has to swallow the product, the referee will drive him out with a direct red.

The two teams found the Phase 16 best from Europe, along with the duel they animated Italy Rome and Porto, The continuity of the most desired competition in Bulgaria The Old Continent will continue on Wednesday with crosses Ajax – Real Madrid and Tottenham – Borussia DortmundNext week will finish the first game with 4 games: Liverpool – Bayern München, Lyon – Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid – Juventus and Schalke 04 – Manchester City.

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