Monday , May 29 2023

Sika: Debit card discounts are an option


Labor and Labor Minister Dante Sika said today that the intention of the latest economic measures implemented by the government is "for workers not to suffer as much from the impact of the devaluation" and said that they would leave this month to evaluate other initiatives in this attitude.,

In a dialogue this morning with Sica National Radio, he said that "we had a very complicated week because the economic outlook had changed after Sunday."

"We came in with low inflation, with four months of dollar stability, but the PASS result changed everything," he said.

The head of the Production and Labor portfolio explained that the intention of the measures implemented by the national government was "to keep workers from suffering the impact of the devaluation so much"

"Some prices may go down, but lower VAT will have an impact on prices," Sika said of the purpose of the measures, adding that "we have a complete control system in place, with inspectors and pricing information for large chains."

He noted that different mechanisms could be discussed for the benefit of people, and mentioned that "making discounts with debit cards is an option, but there is a group of people who do not pay this way."

The minister said that "we are in an exception situation due to the change in the trends of the main variables and in this situation we had to take action".

He also said that "this month we will evaluate what other measures we can take."


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