Saturday , January 16 2021

Sikon case: banker Brito and Echegarre are being processed

The Federal Judge

Ariel Lee

pursues banker Jorge Britto and former director of AFIP

Ricardo Echegaray

given that they are involved in corruption-related maneuvers related to the operations

Amado Bode

to preserve the effects of the printing machine


Calcogr√°fica, which produces paper money.

Thus the magistrate affirmed the confession of repentance

Alejandro Vandenbrole

that a year ago he said that behind the maneuver of Ciccone was Banker Britto, who paid him the fees of a lawyer for one year.

Britto, according to Vandrelule, was behind the maneuver and was the one who financed the business. Silver to lift the bankruptcy of Ciccone came from Raul Monea's hands, in the name of Brito, as he told Vanderburle

Jose Maria Nunez Carmona,

partner and friend of


, Leo said that it could not be proven that the money that came from the "Brento" Coin, however, considered that the banker had intervened in the rule of the Zikone.

Echegaray, at the same time, was processed because the judge understood that it was functional, so Boudou was able to lift the bankruptcy order that weighed Ciccone, in exchange for remaining 70% of the company's operations.

The Federal Mental Criminal Court No. 4 sentenced former Vice President Budou to five years and ten months in jail on 7 August for the crimes of negotiations that are incompatible with the state service and bribery and put him in jail. The former employee is still detained in Ezeiza prison after all his attempts at defense have failed to restore his freedom until the decision is final. He is accompanied by his partner and friend Jose Maria Nunez Carmona, with a five-year and six-month prison sentence. The punishment was imposed by judges Pablo Bertuci, Nyodor Costabelle and Maria Gabriela Lopez Inigneez.

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