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Silvina Escondero was biting a dog at Carlos Pass – 13/02/2019

Silvina Escudero He suffered an incident Villa Carlos Pass just when he was about to go on air with news for the show, like every afternoon, atYou're wrong(America) So, yesterday, Tuesday, at the beginning of the show Moriah Cassan He referred to the lack of gunner who should receive medical attention after they have been attacked by a dog.

For the end of the program, gunner Finally, he could stand in front of the camera and explain with the dialogue Moriahow the events happened. "I'm sorry I have not been there since the beginning," she said, "I've already looked, with the taxi ready to come and when I leave Titan, my dog ​​escapes, and when I go to look for him, a dog from the same complex where I live , looking for a scab, he jumped and grabbed his neck.

Still hurt by biting the dog and with a bandaged finger, gunner He continued to explain, "I obviously started screaming, I lifted it to Titan, but the other dog was left hanging, my dog ​​was crying because he did not come out, I started pushing him screaming, I was a long way from my sister, but he heard me She walked in. She started pulling the other dog's tail, but there was no way …

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The history of Silvina Escudero Continue this way: "I found myself in the middle, tried to open the mouth of the other dog and … I do not know how many minutes they were … but it was seven hours for me. My nails broke and my dog ​​bit my finger. It's not serious, but it hurts a lot and I have knee injuries. They do not sew me, because the bacteria they have in the saliva the dogs have to clean up have to leave, then I have to remove the bandage for a while and wash with white soap. I also take antibiotics. "

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