Thursday , July 29 2021

Silvina Escudero's disappointment: her mysterious friend explained why she does not want to marry her

More and more people refuse to go through the civil registry to get their wedding book. Some think it is unnecessary, and some say it's out of fashion. One of them is the mysterious friend of Silvina Escudero, who has already taken the illusion of dressing in white.

in uprightThe brunette said her partner, whom she preferred to defend from the minute, does not want to make this step so important to her because she says "her loyalty is to watch her every day." This is not something you like very much. "I wanted to go into church with my father"she said resignedly.

Silvina, who is preparing to make a debut in the Super Dance, is in touch with Federico, a man she's a little known to. The silence happened three years ago and since then they have become inseparable.

Federico, the mysterious man who conquered the moor. (Photo: Instagram)
Federico, the mysterious man who conquered the moor. (Photo: Instagram)

This time, he chose to keep the account low and therefore avoids showing it on social networks. So far, the strategy works very well. She seems calm, very in love, and has no rumors about the infidelity around her.

Otherwise, it happened with the relationships he had with Matthias ALE and Martin Amesta. The first was so mediocre that he had seen himself crying on television several times. Years ago, he was encouraged to say that what lived with the actor was "very sick" and that he graduated from the hospital every night.

"We had a wrong love in which we did the wrong thing, we were both victims, it was violence of love, madness, we did not even talk about it at this moment," he admits.

The producer was worse. She pointed out that psychological violence led her to lose 10 pounds at a time, and at one point she felt she was dying: "I am very weak in my private life, I am uncertain, I have a person next to me who says I think I'm beautiful because I'm Silvina Escudero, but you're terrible, fat, you have cellulite, I can not dress in a certain way in the club that throws your self-confidence into shit, if you're weak, you'll be upset.

Fortunately, your gift is very different. Enjoy your romance and live happily without much exposure even if you know you can not fulfill your dream of putting on a wedding dress.

Silvia has been in love with her friend for 33 years. (Photo: Instagram)
Silvia has been in love with her friend for 33 years. (Photo: Instagram)

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