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Singer Rodolfo Zapata has died! The musician wrote the classic as "I will not work"!

At the age of 87, Rodolfo Zapata, the beloved singer born in Pompeii, who became famous for his song "I Have No Work," died. Of course, besides singer and guitarist, the actor managed to stand out as an actor and humorist. In fact, his professional debut happened when he was just a teenager and had to accompany two glories at the national theater: Olinda Bosan and Francisco Alvarez.

The musician always remembered the support he received from his father. "My dad, who played milonga, taught me to recite. He told me that the butcher and grocer would applaud me, but that I would also need the butcher and grocer. And he tells me thousands of times that glory is pure history. If he makes money one day, let him save it. And that the public always deserves an autograph and a hug, "says the author of countless classics.

His first major involvement in the movie world happened in 1949 when he worked with Fernando Ciro in crucible; the same year he accompanied Mirtha Legrand to the vidalita; In addition, the musician composes the soundtrack of the film Malambo at night in 1957, thus demonstrating his great talent, ingenuity and versatility.

Zapata recorded his first three albums only in 1965. The popularity of these works allowed him to make a name for himself and his sense of humor made him win a place with Fidel Pintos in the film Gaucho with silverLater, Rodolfo would record more than five hundred songs that would take him to Latin America. In case this is not enough, he also works at the magazine's theater with Adolfo Stroy and Dringue Farias.

In an interview with FM Tiempo, the singer talks about his personal and professional life. "There was a press officer on the tape recorder who liked to joke. And he started asking me things. He asked me which team was a fan, I said Hurricane, but he made me independent; date of birth changed from 10 May to 7 January; and he asked me where he was born, and I told him in New Pompeii, "the singer recalls.

"But this man told me he was born in Rojas, Buenos Aires Province. Many years passed and I showed up in Rojas, and they gave him such a handle that it was from that city that I appeared in all the newspapers and hung posters saying that the beloved son of the city was arriving. Really incredible, ”said the musician with the humility and mischief that always characterized him.

And then he told his artistic beginnings. "I was only 10 years old and my dad taught me the first guitar tones, the first songs. I have been in public contact since I was a kid. I studied at the National Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts, classical guitar, theater, drawing. And over the years I've won a lot of fans and generated something special in the audience, ”Zapata admitted.

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